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Shipping Policy and Guidelines 



Paintings from the categories "Deal of the Day" and "Original Oil paintings"  are sent out fast within 1-2 business days and delivered within 2-3 busineess days to USA, Canada and Mexico and 3-5 business days to other international destinations.  

Please refer to the information below for shipping of other categories

Shipping of Unframed Paintings / Rolled in a Tube

  • Unframed paintings are shipped rolled up inside a hard tube.
  • This is the most safe way to transport a painting.  The canvas is carefully rolled up and placed inside a hard tube and well sealed.
  • Shipping of unframed paintings is FREE to any place and country in the world.
  • Select this method of delivery if you plan on traveling with the painting by airplane
  • The certificate of authenticity is always present rolled up inside the painting. You find it when you unroll the painting.
  • If you wish to purchase a stretching upgrade after you placed the order, Please do it here https://afremov.com/Stretching-Upgrade/


Shipping of Framed Paintings / Gallery Wrapped / Stretched and ready to hang.


  • Framed paintings are shipped inside well packed cardboard/ carton box. We use a log of special soft packing materials to ensure the secure delivery of the wooden parts of the painting.
  • Shipping of Framed /Stretched  paintings is FREE to only to USA , Canada and Mexico
  • Preparing a painting with a decorative frame for shipping takes 1-3  business days.
  • Shipping cost to international destination is as follows for paintings size 30"x40" (75cm x 100cm) or smaller:
    • Central America  and Caribbean - $65
    • South America - $65
    • European Union - $65
    • South East Asia, China and Japan - $100
    • Australia  and New Zealand  - $100
    • Rest of the world - $150
    •  International Shipping of paintings larger than 30"x40" (75cm x 100cm) has a much higher cost. Please contact us to get a quote. the price is very different based on size and destination. 
  • This extra fee is valid for an order up to 3 paintings sent in one parcel. The extra fee is not charged upon checkout. Please find as a upgrade product here  https://afremov.com/Stretching-Upgrade/
  • Select this method of delivery if you wish to hang the painting as soon as its delivered
  • The certificate of authenticity is always present on the rear side of the painting attached to the canvas in a plastic pouch.
  • All stretched paintings come with sides painted as continuation of the painting. This way you do not need an additional decorative frame and can enjoy the painting right away.
  • The process of stretching and painting the sides takes 1 hour per painting.  The sides usually take 1-2 days to dry
  • visit this page for more information https://afremov.com/gallery-wrapped-stretched-vs-unframed-rolled-.html


Shipping  and Preparation of Original Recreations


  • original recreation is a painting that Leonid did together with his studio in past years. such paintings comes signed by Leonid Afremov on from and back . Please click here for more information on the concept https://afremov.com/Recreation-what-is-it.html
  • Such recreations are located in many different parts of the world. We have many partners and retailers in possession of recreations. In case if your recreation is located remotely  , its delivered to us first to issue certification and varnish the painting one more time. However , the majority of the inventory is in our personal possession.
  • All recreations without exception get varnished one more time before shipping. the varnish is important to protect the painting from climatic factors during transit and to protect the painting on your wall from heat, humidity and direct sunlight. The varnish drying time is normally 3-5 days.
  • If the painting is in our procession, processing time is usually 5-8 days including varnishing and drying the varnish . 
  • Average turn around time from order to delivery is 2-3 weeks. if the painting is located with partners the turn around time to delivery is 3-4 weeks.
  • Express shipping and processing is available at extra cost. Email shipping@afremov.com to get a quote on express shipping and processing
  • Please read this page for  more information https://afremov.com/Recreation-what-is-it.html


Shipping and Preparation of Studio Recreations


  • Studio recreation are paintings that are made by Leonid Afremov studio artists. Such paintings come signed with afremov logo and the painting artists on the rear side.  Please read this page for more information about Afremov studio https://afremov.com/visit-my-studio.html
  • Most studio recreations are made on demand after you place the order. We  keep a limited inventory of studio recreations. 
  • Average production time for a Studio Recreation is 1-2 weeks. In case of super large paintings (size 36”X48” and larger) production time can be 2-3 weeks.
  • Average drying time for oil paint is 7 -10 days.  in some circumstances it can go out up to 15 days .
  • Average turn around time from order to delivery takes 3-4 weeks . For super large sizes or very large orders it can be 4-5 weeks.
  • If you need express processing , Please notify us . Its only possible if the painting is made with acrylic instead of oil. Acrylic dries in 2 days.
  • All studio recreations are varnished before shipping.


Shipping of Printed Merchandise  


  • The printed merchndise are considered to be items like face masks, phone cases, towels , cloths , bags and etc.
  • We do not manufactur the items by ourselves. We contract services of a specialized business to produce such items.
  • The shipping is done directly from the facility of the manufacturar . they have 3 shipping locations in USA, Mexico and Lithuania . All international orders outside North America are sent from the facility in Lithuania . their defult shipping methods are first class mail, EMS post, Registered mail and DHL global mail. Faster shipping can be arranged with additional cost. Please inquire to get estimate of express shipping cost.


Shipping Companies , Transport and Address


  • We work with all 3 main shipping companies - Fedex, UPS and DHL.
  • We use DHL for all international shipping
  • We use UPS for Shipping to The USA  and Canada
  • We use Fedex for shipping to Mexico and USA
  • If you wish the delivery done by a certain company , Please email us to shipping@afremov.com
  • We do not use regular mail. If you wish mail delivery, its possible on demand only. Please email shipping@afremov.com for such request
  • Transport times are very similar in all 3 companies. We use economy service by default. Next day or Express delivery is possible with additional cost.
    • Transport times to USA, Mexico and Canada are 2-3 business days
    • Transport times to Central and South America are 4-5 business days
    • Transport times to European Union are 4-5 days
    • Transport times to rest of the world are 5-7 days
    • International packages have to clear customs upon arrival in the destination country. We cannot predict customs clearance times. some countries have fast clearance, some countries require a whole process and documents for clearance. The process of customs clearance on avarage takes 1-2 business days but in some countries can take up to one week
  • The service these companies provide is door to door. To ensure safe delivery we ask for signature confirmation on all shipments. If you cannot sign for the painting you can wave the signature under your responsibility . In case of theft from porch we will not provide refunds or free replacements.
  • Delivery to a UPS , DHL or Fedex location for pick up is available upon demand. Please email shipping@afremov.com for such request
  • Please provide clear address details a valid email and good mobile phone number. The delivery companies sometimes need to reach you to arrange delivery
  • All delivery companies do 3 delivery attempts. If you are not home after the 3rd delivery attempt, they will leave a note on your door with the address where to go and pick up the package. If you wish 4th delivery attempt, an extra cost may apply
  • If you wish us to hold your order for future delivery date, Please email to shipping@afremov.com . We do not hold orders for more than 6 months
  • We can deliver to the following kinds of address : residence , business, school or university , warehouse, factory , government building , rural residence or farm .
  • We cannot deliver to PO Box because private delivery companies do not cover post office boxes.
  • If you wish an address change , confirmation or modification. Please email to shipping@afremov.com 
  • All shipments are done from our main gallery / office in Playa Del Carmen , Mexico.



Import Duties and Taxes


  • Customers from USA and Mexico do not pay any import duties at all based on NAFTA.
  • Customers from Canada pay VAT and brokerage fees but they do not pay duties based on NAFTA . The VAT is different in every province. Its sometimes refered to as Sales Tax or GST. 
  • International customers may need to pay import duties . We cannot predict the amount of the duties . it depends on many factors and usually arts and craft are considers special commodity that is taxed differently from regular products. We recommend to check with the customs of your country to estimate the amount of the duty or if any taxes apply
  • The taxes and duties are usually charged by the delivery company as cash on delivery. You can also pay them online and by phone before the delivery.
  • We do not cover import duties and taxes related to the import of the painting. Such taxes are the responsibility of the customer. However we do compensate you in a form of store credit for future orders. For Example,  if you pay $30 import tax when you get the package, then next time you order from us you get $30 discount. to get the discount code , please email to shipping@afremov.com with a copy of tax payment receipt attached.
  • If you refuse delivery because you do not wish to pay taxes, the package will come back to us. The delivery companies will charge us the return. A Refund will be given menos the shipping fees to your country and menos return shipping fees. A full refund in such refusal is not possible. We recommend that you investigate the import rules and tax rates of your country.
  • Please use this tool to get an estimate on import taxes https://www.simplyduty.com/import-calculator/
  • The declared value for customs is the full payment value of your transaction or the corresponding part of the painting in case of partial shipment.


Covid-19, safety measures  and sanitation

    • The safety of our customers and our staff is very important to us. We take all the necessary measures to prevent infection in our workspace and contamination of our packages.
    • All paintings get disinfected before packing. The package gets disinfected after packing. We also disinfect all packing supplies and materials used before handling them.
    • We do not have direct contact with UPS, DHL and Fedex drivers. We leave packages for pick up outside the door before they come.
    • All studio artist , customer service agents and sales agents have moved to work from home until further notice .  Logistical staff is working in our shipping office with all the prenetion rules like 2 meters distance and facemasks .  We take  temperature on the entrance and get all our staff tested before entering every single day. We also conduct covid tests to all emoployees that are return from going out of town. 
    • The coronavirus cannot be transferred via parcels according to WHO. The virus dies out on most surfaces within 24 hours.  However , the package can still be contaminated by people who handle it in your local area for delivery. We recommend leaving all incoming mail on 24 hour quarantine before touching it. If its not possible, use disinfectant materials to clean the package before  touching it. Wash your hands after handling a package and do not touch you face with unwashed hands.
    • Transport and processing delays can happen at any time because of Covid-19. Our local risk light is orange now. Our shiping office curantly has 50% of its permited capacity.  If the risk light moves to Red, everyone goes to work from home including shipping processing.
    • We will not stop working in case of Covid surges, we will go to work from home , this can affect processing times only.