All paintings on this site are hand painted, not a prints, please use code David and save 10%

Leonid Afremov Recreations

A recreation is a painted copy of a painting but not 100% identical. The only difference in patterns of strokes which is impossible to repeat in a palette knife style. Each stroke of the knife has a unique shape and signature which makes it impossible to repeat. 

The reacreations were made with the same process and materials as an original painting, oil paint and canvas. First a pencil drawing was made as an outline of the main objects of the compositoon in the painting.  Then a background layer of main colors and objects is placed on the canvas with a larger palette knife. Afterwards the painting was finished in all its details with a smaller palette knife. Leonid employed profesional artists who helpped him with the recreations .Now this group is know as Afremov Studio

The sides of the painting are painted and its covered with protective varnish. Each recreation is signed on front and back and comes with a certificate of authenticity sign by Afremov family member or Studio manager. 

A print or giclee does not have the feel or the texture of a painting.  A recreation feels just like the original painting. You touch it and feel the texture.  A print or giclee will not look the same on the wall as a real hand made painting . 

The image we show online is the image of the master original . the recreation was or is made based on this image 

Some recreations come in limited editions  and some in open editions. The discription tab in the listing will have all the information about the painting.