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Who is Leonid Afremov®?

Leonid Afremov is a renowned contemporary artist painting in a distinctive Impressionist manner with a palette knife. Here is the link to the bio


What do you sell?

On this website, you can order original paintings by Leonid Afremov® as well as 100% painted recreations copied from early work by Afremov Studio, Prints and giclee and acesories with printed paintings avilable in the category Gift Shop.  

Please refer to this page to learn more about recreations 

Please refer to this page to learn about the studio 

Please visit this page for the giclee prints

Please visit this page for circlar shape prints

Do you sell framed art?

yes we do sell and make decorative frames as an extra add on. you can find and order frames here 

What materials are used for making the paintings and what does canvas reffered to?

The paintings are made on linen or synthetic canvas with oil paint using palette knifes only, no brush. The term canvas is refered to the cloth material only. The canvas can come loose rolled up in a tube or ready to hang stretched on wood. Many people assume that canvas is material glued to a board or already comes ready to hang. Canvas is the cloth material only. 


How much does does it cost to have the painting delivered Museum Wrapped and ready to hang and what are the limitations?

Having your painting Museum Wrapped will cost you $59. If your order does not include this upgrade, the item will be delivered unframed in a tube as Artistic Canvas only. Paintings larger than 30"X40" have different prices for upgrades .  30"X48"/36"X48" cost $99 , 54"x40" / 60"x40"  $150 . 72"x40"/72"X48"  $199  (this size can be sent  stretched by special freight service only in a wooden crate. Please ask the costs to your desitation) .The largest sizes paintings do not have the upgrade option inside them. 

If you forgot to add the gallery wrapped upgrade.


What are the shipping terms for Gallery Wrapped paintings?

We offer free delivery of gallery wrapped paintings only across North America and Mexico. Other locations may have additional shipping fees applied for sending gallery wrapped paintings.  The fees are as follows Eurpean Union / Carrebiean and south america  - $65 per painting , Asia and Austrlia  - $100 per painting, rest of regions $150 per paintings. 

Shipping rolled in a tube paintings as artistc canvas only is free to all countries 

Shipping to Australia has restricitons on wood. its not always posible to send stretched paintings to Australia.  in a case when its not possible, the stretching and shipping fees will be refunded


What countries do you ship to?

We can arrange a delivery to any country of the world that has a post office, DHL, FEDEX or UPS. We cannot deliver to US military bases outside USA, North Korea , Iran and Cuba


What is the shipping cost?

We provide free delivery all over the world for rolled in a tube (artistic canvas only) paintings only  with a 30-day shipping guarantee.  Shipping stretched/ mesuem wrap paintings outside north american region may cost extra.  Please look above for details. If you need express or overnight shipment, please contact us for pricing. They vary by region , weight and size of package. Our defult  free shipping service is always economy. 


What do you have avaialble for fast shipping?

Please go to this link find all the items we have avaialble for very fast processing and shipping. Also prints and giclees are processed and sent out quite fast. Most of studio paintings with cost $174 and up are made to order. We make the painting after the order is placed .


How can I calculate the total bill  for customs purposes if I’m purchasing from another country and who pays customs fees?

The total payment amount will consist of the price of the painting and the transportation cost. The package will be declared as “Online Sale.” you may consult the customs website of your country for additional details .  All fees related to customs must be paid for the customer. The company does not cover any import duties or brokarage fees involved in customs. However, you can ask for store credit for the amount of the tax that you paid to be put towards a future order. Its a little consideration courtesy so the tax does not inflict much lost.  You can try to calculate import duties here . 


How do I claim by tax credit?

please send an email to with the copy of the reciept of the paid import duties. Then we will respond with the discount code for this amount. If you pay $149 or more in taxes for one single delivery , you can request a painting for this amount without additional payments


How long will it take for the order to ship?

With the free service, paintings arrive within a month from payment date. We can also arrange an express delivery for an extra fee that depends on the number of items purchased and the buyer’s location.


Can you hold the item to ship at a later date?

We have no trouble holding your painting for as long as need until you contact us and arrange for a delivery.


Can I pick up my order at your location?

our main shipping office  is in  Playa Del Carmen , Mexico and partners that ship orders for us from other countries. If you are less than half an hour driving from one of these locations, the painting will be delivered right to your door. visits to the office/studio is available by appoitments only. If you come to  Rivera Maya, Playa Del Carmen, Cancun or Tulum for vacation, we can deliver the painting to your hotel or vacation rental.


Can I get the painting delivered as a gift?

We can send the order to any address mentioned by the purchaser and issue the authenticity certificate to any name provided in the online form. On your request, we can also ship the gift anonymously.


Can I request a personal inscription on the back of the painting?

Yes, we can sign the back of your painting with any words of your choice as long as they do not  convey an offending or obscene message. The mesages can be written on the rear side of the painting only. We recomend not to do long messages on the front side of the painting 

Do the exact sizes come in  centimeters or inches? Do you work in inches or metric system

we work with the metric system. the exact sizes of the paintings are listed in centimeters next to the inches. The sizes in inches are estimated and rounded up for convenince of US customers only. IF you plan to buy a frame before the arrival of the painting. We recomend geting it based on the centimeter size.  


Can I request a custom made size?

If the size you asking is smaller than the original . You can go ahead and order the painting online and in the customer notes section ask for the desired size. If the size is larger, please fill out the form on the site for customization .


What should I do if I got a wrong painting?

Get in touch with us  and show us pictures of the wrong delivered painting and we will arrange the correct painting shipping as soon as possible. our service email is


What should I do if I received a damaged painting?

Contact us to arrange for a replacement or payment refund. We will send you another copy of the same painting or replace it with an equally priced artwork of your choice as soon as possible. our service email is

Usage of coupons and discounts terms:

The use of coupon codes and other discounts is permited only with one discount or promotion per transaction. You cannot use any coupons on paintings that are part of the Deal of the Day section or part of any other promotion.  

The site minmiumum price is $199, anything less than this is considered discounted and cannot have any coupons used for purching these paintings.

If you use coupon codes on already promotiomal or discounted paintings, we reserve the right to cancel this order , issue a refund or downgrade it to rolled in a tube 


Can I return or exchange the painting I ordered?

Yes, you can:

  • return the item for a full refund within 30 days from the delivery date 
  • exchange it for an equally priced painting within 30 days
  • Return labels are provided for returns or exchnages not longer than 30 days. if your order is older than 30 days, you must pay all the shipping fees involved in the exchange. 

Orders from July 20th 2019 qualify for the liftime exchnage policy 

Can I ask for image for approval?

after you make the order, you can request an image for approval before shipping . Please email to to make such request. If you do not ask, we will not send a picture for approval by deafult.


How do I arrange a return for refund?

A return for refund is avaialble only within 30 days from the delivery date. you have 30 days to contact us and ask for a return label from the moment of the delivery. Under special circumstances like lost of employment, sickness or death in the family, we allow returns for up to 180 days from moment of order. Proof of circimstences must be provided. in such exceptional returns, we deduct the cost of shipping and handling from the refund

To arrange a refund you must do the following

1 - email or

2 -  indicate the reasons for the return

3 - wait for return label 

4 - send the painting/s back 

5 - as soon as the delivery takes place, it takes 5 business days to process the refund


Do you cover the cost of packing or shipping with the return?

We do not cover the cost of shipping in form of refund. You must ask for a prepaid return label via our UPS or Fedex accounts. if you send by your own means, we will not cover the cost of shipping in form of refund. 

We recommend that you save the packing materials from the delivery or ask us how to arrange free packing materials with UPS or Fedex. We do not cover cost of external packing service.


Does Leonid Afremov paints all the work himself?

All the master original paintings from this category . they were painted 100% by Leoind Afremov . They are direct resault  of his creative process. 

Then we have several kinds of other products that are painted with help of Leonid's students . 

  • Original Recreation -  its a recreation made by studdents during 2019  or before that were signed by Leonid
  • Studio Recreation - its a recreation made 100% by his best students . It comes with a certificate of authenticity of a certifed recreation signed by the manager of the company. It also comes with Leonid Afremov ® © TM R logo hand drawn on the front side of the painting . such paintings will be available for sale starting September 1st 2019
  • This page has more information about both recreations
  • Print on Canvas - its a high quality print on linen durable canvas. Such print is made on a high end plotter . they can come in open or limited editions. The print is covered with varnish for protection and preservation.  Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity and  the logo printed on the front
  • Giclee on Canvas - its a high quality print on linen durable canvas with paint added on top. In Giclee an artist covers the print with acrylic or oil paint to give it texture and feel of a real painting. The Giclee is covered with varnish for protection and preservation.  Each Giclee comes with a certificate of authenticity and  the logo printed on the front. A student artist usually paints the texture on top of a Giclee. 

What does the Afremov company do for covid-19 prevention?

  • The safety of our customers and our staff is very important to us. We take all the necessary measures to prevent infection in our workspace and contamination of our packages.
  • All paintings get disinfected before packing. The package gets disinfected after packing. We also disinfect all packing supplies and materials used before handling them.
  • We do not have direct contact with UPS, DHL and Fedex drivers. We leave packages for pick up outside the door before they come.
  • All studio artist , customer service agents and sales agents have moved to work from home until further notice .  Logistical staff is working in our shipping office with all the prenetion rules like 2 meters distance and facemasks . Starting June 10th 2020 , our shipping office reopens with 30% of staff keeping large distance from each other.  We take  temperature on the entrance and get all our staff tested before entering every single day. We also conduct covid tests to all emoployees that are return from going out of town. 
  • The coronavirus cannot be transferred via parcels according to WHO. The virus dies out on most surfaces within 24 hours.  However , the package can still be contaminated by people who handle it in your local area for delivery. We recommend leaving all incoming mail on 24 hour quarantine before touching it. If its not possible, use disinfectant materials to clean the package before  touching it. Wash your hands after handling a package and do not touch you face with unwashed hands.
  • Transport and processing delays can happen at any time because of Covid-19. Our local risk light is yellow now. If it moves to orange, we have to reduce the staff to 50% in the logistical office and if it moves to red , everyone goes to work from home including shipping processing. We will not stop working in case of Covid surges, we will go work from home , this can affect processing times only. 


How can I get in touch with Leonid Afremov company staff?



+52-984-119-5074(Playa del Carmen, 10am - 7pm, Monday to Friday)  shipping inquiries only. Its a cell phone, you can use whatsapp messages

+1-954-372-1229 (Florida, 10am - 7pm, Monday to Saturday) all inquiries 

Please respect the calling hours. 

Skypes: Dmitry Afremov
Borisafremov2 Boris Afremov

In the bottom right corner of the site, you can also find a live chat for quick discussions online.