Recreation what is it?

My dear lovers and fans of my work, my associates in visualizing the beautiful the same way like I do, first of all I would like to thank you for your understanding of my ideas, for those anxious attitude to the wonderful moments, which impress me, as well as for your wiliness to make our world brighter. Thank you so much for your warmest regards and words in your letters and gratitude. I am glad that my works please you every day and makes your life more beautiful, juicy and bright! I Love you!! 

Let me share with you a story of idea of recreation of my so called early paintings. The idea of ​​a revival of the works came to me several years ago. I started to realize that reproduction of my own paintings does not excites me anymore. All my life I was inspired by certain ideas, landscape, emotions, feelings and styles of architecture. Over the years, finding the integrity, the sources of my inspiration are still the same. I am still anxiously amazed by magic of the cities at nights, the beauty of lights and lanterns, of the fabulous colors of nature. Some parts of my perception, time, and feeling of the lifetime are different now.

I decided to start giving a second life to my earlier work. Many years later I can see the details of the pictures different. Ideas and inspiration are eternal, but the details, colors, and some hard to hear sounding today sounds different to me. My works of today is very similar to my previous originals, but they are not the same as our world today is no longer the same as many years ago, and me and you are different today. I would like to share and transmit exactly my moods, my feeling of living, colors, dimensions, experiences of this current moment. Now and today.

As you can see, I am still very romantic and I find it hard to be in any frameworks. That is why my new works can not be called completely new paintings, as well these are not reproductions and these are not originals too.

I am painting my beloved subjects, emotions, feelings, landscapes through the process of reincarnation, recreation and continuation of life and I am showing them to the world in almost the same, but in a different, more recent time.

My heart is telling me that by recreating the earliest paintings, I can fulfill them by today atmosphere, by my new life experience. Also, I can help to bigger amount of art lovers to see the world brighter, to see it with me.

I want to ask you to make a pause for a moment, and make a walk with me in the sleeping city, which dreaming is guarded by lights and lanterns, so many of you can remember how they were dreaming as a child. Look around with me and find out the beauty and inspiration is hidden even in a sad autumn rainy night. Put away your laptop for a while, put down the phone and breathe with me the smell of wet leaves after the rain, smell the trees in the alley near the lake. Forget about tomorrow meeting or yesterday stress, politics and misunderstandings. Fly with me to a distant city, where there is no hustle and bustle, where is harmony and tenderness, where is cozy and there are homes full of lights and children's laughs.

As the author of the my works, I want to ensure you that everything offered on the site is authentic, my work arts are performed by my favorite technique - oil paint and paint knife, without any other items. The difference from my earlier originals, shows and proves my personal new vision of the same subjects of my inspiration, shows part of me and my love to the world of color which are unchanged.

Remember, all of recreations have similar values ​​in terms of earlier art works, assuring smaller cost than the original, which can not be sold any more because are priceless. Purchasing the recreated new paintings directly from my personal website does not violate the copyright, but still acquires a valuable piece of finest art, which I am sure, will not be enjoyed only by you, but by many further generations.

I invite everyone to take a little peek into my shrine of work. I create original oil paintings. Then with the help of my students and apprentices I create recreations. I already got old and can only produce so  much myself and like all famus artists I started having students,:)  They help me to make the pencil drawings and the background and then i finish the piece with all the details. Everyone is welcome to visit my studio in Playa Del Carmen and take a look .


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I received your paintings yesterday. I can't stop admiring how beautiful they are. I'm waiting for another painting that was free because I bought 3. I am planning on purchasing more of the STILL LIFE paintings.
Marianne Dugan, Sep 4, 2014
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Thank you for my two beautiful paintings, I can't wait to buy more.
Ang Mit, Jul 25, 2015
Your art is amazing. I'm not an art specialist but it's incredible heart touching!!! Love it!!!
Aga, Apr 15, 2016