Recreation what is it?

A recreation is a painted copy of a painting but not 100% identical. The only difference in patterns of strokes which is impossible to repeat in a palette knife style. Each stroke of the knife has a unique shape and signature which makes it impossible to repeat. 

The reacreations are made with the same process and materials as an original painting, oil paint and canvas. First a pencil drawing is made as an outline of the main objects of the compositoon in the painting.  Then a background layer of main colors and objects is placed on the canvas with a larger palette knife. Afterwards the painting is finished in all its details with a smaller palette knife. Leonid employees profesional artists who do the pencil drawings and backround layers for him. Then he himself finishes the details of the painting. 

The painting takes about one week to dry , then its sides are painted and its covered with protective varnish. Each recreation is signed by Leonid Afremov on front and back and comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

A print or giclee does not have the feel or the texture of a painting.  A recreation feels just like the original painting. You touch it and feel the texture.  A print or giclee will not look the same on the wall as a real hand made painting 


Some recreations come in limited editions  and some in open editions. The discription tab in the listing will have all the information about the painting.  We have a catalog of over 3000 paintings Leonid has done during his career offered on Not all of them are in stock. If a recreation is not n stock, its painted within one week . Then it takes one more week to dry . In such cases the process from the order to delivery can take up to 30 days which is our gaurantee with free shipping. Please refer to shipping policy for further details 


The images online are of the first original paintings from which the recreation is made.  After you make the order you can request images for approval to be sent to you 






We received your paintings yesterday and I just wanted to say thank you so much. Colors are amazing, very Afremov style! I am really happy that I have some of your work, I truly admire the atmosphere you bring in your paintings.
Sanda, Aug 9, 2016
Ayer recibimos la pintura, la desplegamos en el piso de nuestra sala, y quedamos extasiados... es mucho más hermosa de lo que imaginábamos. Gracias maestro por compartir de manera tan altruista su arte. Sin duda compraremos pronto otro cuadro. Mil bendiciones.
José Luiis Barros, Dec 20, 2013
i would like to know how can i buy the paint, i am from argentina. thank you!
natalia valeria, Dec 21, 2015