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Mixed media paintings on canvas

Mixed media paintings on canvas is the most accurate form of reproduction that the artist Leonid Afremov could offer during his lifetime . Such paintings look identical to the image of the original and have heavy texture just like the original paintings. 

Leonid Afremov usually made multiple mixed media paintings from one artwork. They come signed on front and back sides. Leonid Afremov made thousands of mixed media paintings during his lifetime from his vast repertoire of artworks . They were designed as an affordable alternative to an original or a hand made recreation by oil on canvas. The Afremov family was not selling these works until all the hand made oil on canvas recreations were sold out first. Afremov family begun offering the mixed media only in 2023.

Mixed media paintings had a very peculiar method of production in order to preserve the essence of the original painting. First the painting was printed using a very high quality plotter on artistic canvas. After the printing, Leonid Afremov himself added textures by hand on top of the print. He used special heavy gels and paints in order to give the painting the feel of his original paintings . You can touch the painting and feel the texture with your hand.

The mixed media paintings were usually made in smaller sizes than the original paintings. They can range from 16”X20” to 30”x40” as the largest available. Leonid used to make Mixed Media paintings in different sizes of the same original artwork.