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Leonid Afremov is a renowned contemporary artist working in an easily recognizable Impressionist manner. During his long and fruitful career, he produced hundreds of beautiful paintings and prints that were exhibited in the best galleries of the world. Today, Afremov paints as a freelance artist offering his artworks through a self-managed website directly to those interested. His oil paintings are highly praised by private collectors for their prominent style and positive emotional appeal achieved through the use of cheerful colors and peaceful motifs. However, they are very peculiar even from a purely professional perspective.

Afremov’s painting manner

Among the entire variety of oil painting techniques employed by modern artists, Impasto is probably the most common one. Basically, it means applying multiple layers of paint over one another to create a sculptural texture. To that end, Leonid Afremov uses a special painting instrument called palette knife. Pressing it into the paint with different strength and at different angles allows him to achieve a wide range of expressive effects, which adds depth and dynamics to his works. Palette knife painting works differently than regular brush painting and requires a sizeable adjustment period. You can imagine how long Afremov has been using palette knife in his work to reach the level of mastery evidenced by his oils!

Completing a layered oil painting like those you can see on this website takes a lot of diligence. Once the paint dries up a bit, an artist can also scrape into oil layers to streamline the details and smooth over any inconsistencies noticeable to a fresh eye. As you see, the process of painting in the Impasto manner is quite bulky and requires a good deal of proficiency and dedication. For Leonid, painting is the same as speaking. Where people use words to describe their feelings, he uses a palette knife and a set of oils to successfully implement his artistic vision in color and shape.

What is the difference between original paintings and other oils?

You must have noticed that original paintings have a significantly higher price tag than other artworks featured in the store. What makes them so valuable? The answer is simple. Original paintings are brand new, entirely unique oils capturing the artist’s mood in its initial freshness. From an artistic point of view, that gives them a higher priority compared to later copies.

At his young years, Leonid Afremov used to create exact reproductions of his original works, but eventually he got tired of painstakingly copying every little detail. Over time, he started to perceive some of his early pictures differently and felt an urge to make minor improvements here and there to reflect his maturing worldview. His painting skills kept evolving as well – better arranged colors, more confident strokes and a wider array of painting techniques begged for a more meaningful and profound application. 

In the long run, Afremov gave up the idea of reproducing his original oil paintings on canvas and switched to the practice of recreation. While largely resembling the usual reproduction routine, this process leaves enough space for slight changes adding a creative element to each new copy. The idea of tweaking his older works in harmony with his inner growth gave Afremov the much-needed inspiration to keep his best art samples readily available to new appreciators. 

What original oil paintings by Leonid Afremov can I find here?

Like every artist, Afremov has his own genre preferences and predominantly paints:

  • Landscapes 
  • Cityscapes
  • Still lifes
  • Flowers
  • Portraits

Check out Afremov paintings available in this section and consider ordering one or two for your home décor! With a couple of stylish original oils decorating your walls, your house will become much brighter and cozier!

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