Important - sanitation rules

Dear friend!

You and our team are always our #1 priority.

In accordance with sanitation rules, Leonid Afremov Studio intensified the wet cleaning and disinfection of the room and work surfaces in the studio. For disinfection of the premises we use quartz lamp, bactericidal air recirculator, and an auto cad for the treatment of the tools.

Leonid Afremov Studio is a health fortress in our modern world.

Our partners – delivery services – have also tightened sanitation rules and continue to work in normal mode, delivering parcels to our collectors.

It is important to start from ourselves and take preventive measures individually.

We will keep an eye on the latest recommendations issued by the government and will keep you updated about the advised measures.

Thank you for your attention

I'm a commercial property manager and have recently renovated an office building in Dearborn, MI. Mr. Afremov's art is beautifully displayed throughout the building. It was my immense pleasure to select 19 pieces (so far!). We receive a steady flow of compliments and inquiries regarding the paintings. Of course, we sing the praises of! Some of my tenants have even purchased their own paintings. Thank you for all of the beautiful pieces you have created for us. I think I may still need one more! I just can't stop.
Susan Tucker, May 15, 2015
I have been looking at Leonid's paintings for a while online and one day i started buying the ones i really enjoyed. I now have 9 paintings altogether and each one is extremely well done. A large amount of time, effort, and skill goes into each painting this man makes. I have 2 originals and 7 recreations and each one is superb. This artist is extremely good at making super vibrant, very uplifting paintings that I still spend hours staring at when the mood catches me right and i have the time. I would definitely recommend this artist and site to anyone who needs some amazing artwork. I will definitely buy some more work soon enough if i can find more walls!
Bradley Miller, Jul 5, 2015
Amazing artwork
I ordered two paintings in late May 2020. It is during Covid-19 period but the customer service is magnificient. I received the first painting "City by the lake" and felt deeply in love with it. Thanks Afremov for such an amazing art piece. I fell so calm annd relaxed whenever I look into it. I am eager to have the second one which is on the way to me now. I just ordered two more paintings from the website and cannot wait to have them all on the wall of my new house.
Lien Duong, Jul 24, 2020