OAKLAND RAIN — oil painting on canvas

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    Signed on the front and back
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    COA provided
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    40"x30" (100cm x 75cm)
  • Medium
    Hand painted with oil on canvas
  • Materials
    Palette Knife, Oil Paint, Canvas
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We would like to present the hand painted recreation oil on canvas painting of the artwork mentioned in the title. This painting comes signed by on the front and the back. Certificate of authenticity provided.

This piece was created with the same amount of soul and emotion just like the first original painting. This piece was created with oil paint on artistic canvas using unique Afremov technique of a palette knife. The artwork has texture, you can feel the strokes by touching the painting. By purchasing on this site, you are buying directly from Leonid Afremov®. We guarantee your satisfaction and the best customer experience.

Please read this page to learn more about recreations  https://afremov.com/Recreation-what-is-it.html

about this painting:

Oakland Rain

Leonid Afremov’s Art Gallery

In a virtual gallery of Leonid Afremov you will be able to enjoy paintings of different genres that will catch your fancy. There is no such a thing here as overstock of exquisite fine artwork, as every canvas created by the artist is unique. Moreover, our gallery is not like others that offer huge sales on paintings as they have oversupply of art- we set fair prices for original oil canvases. A certificate that proves authenticity of the painting will be delivered to you. It will have a signature of the artist. And a very pleasant bonus of our website is free delivery to any part of the world.

The beauty of rain

The word rain is not very fascinating. Moreover, this natural phenomenon is quite boring and dull which upsets us and even more depressing than joyful. That’s what most people probably think. However, not everyone feels this way; there are people who are fascinated by the rain, enchanted by its beauty and variety.  What boredom are we talking about if the rain in the city doesn’t look like the one in the countryside; the rain in the field is nothing like the one on the forest; the rain in spring differs very much from the ones in summer or autumn? There are drizzling and pouring rains. Just think about the colors of clouds and their fancy-looking shapes!  Are they boring? Now imagine the rainbow! Isn’t it a beautiful natural phenomenon? And we all are so happy to see it after the rain like it’s something magical given to us from heaven. Do you remember that addicting smell of the rain? How can it possibly be boring?

  • The rain in spring cleans the streets washing away dirty snow. It doesn’t only clean the roads; it clears up our souls as well and brings us hope and anticipation of something good, of happiness.  It has a unique smell of freshness, cleanliness and hope. It has a playful and merry character.
  • Summer rain fills you up with happiness and joy. Aromas that fill the air after the rain are intoxicating: harsh scent of laid dust, incomparable smell of freshly mown hay or clean leaves and grass. They are just beyond words? As to its character, the summer rain is more stable than the one in spring, as it probably understands its responsibility for crops.
  • There is special beauty in autumn rain too.  It seems to make a gray autumn sky closer to earth. It usually brings the feeling of separation and unexplainable feeling of wrench, and maybe regret of something that never happened in the summer. In the beginning of autumn, the air is filled with the scent of mushrooms and leaves on the ground, in late fall we can feel the smell of snow.   The fall rain’s character is not steady. In September, for instance, it’s light-minded and naughty. It seems to whisper something gentle into trees’ ears in order for them to take off their leaves. The rain in late autumn is very rough and unstoppable. It ruthlessly tears off the rest of the leaves from the trees and bushes.

The color of the rain

What is the color of the rain? Most people think it’s gray; however, a lot of poets and song writers claim it to be yellow, blue, purple and even black. They say light blue rains usually happen in spring. The colors of summer rains are rich blue and purple. They nourish the earth with reviving water so necessary for everything alive. The color of an early fall rain is yellow; however, for late autumn it’s gray with a leaden undertone. Black rain deserves special attention. It can happen in spring, summer or autumn.  It intrusively drums in the windows, on the roofs of houses and nobody and nothing can stop it. The only thing left to do is just to wait until it passes. It definitely will pass! And after it stops we will see clear sky again and the sun will shine even brighter than before! A beautiful rainbow will stretch across the sky as a reminder that life is wonderful and there should be enjoyment in everything… even in the rain.   

This wonderful painting of Leonid Afremov called Oakland Rain will definitely become an awesome addition to any interior. It will bring you joy and happiness with its bright beautiful colors. You can hang it anywhere in your house. It will look great in the living room, bedroom, hallway or a study. You can click on View in room tab and see how it looks in most common interiors. You can choose it to be rolled in a tube or gallery wrapped and be ready to hang as soon as you receive it. Do not hesitate and order this wonderful piece right now! 

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To deliver you order, we use UPS and DHLshipping services for shipping around the world. We can send your painting to any location in the world, the only restriction onthe delivery process is Customs legislation of your country.

You will receive an email from the shipping manager with all the details about your purchase within 2 days after your payment.

Shipping is free for Artistic Canvas  and Meusuem wrapped paintings to USA, Canada and Mexico.

Shipping is free internationally only for Artistic Canvas paintings.

If you wish to have a gallery wrapped painting to be shipped internationally, it costs $50 extra per every 3 paintings. You need to purchase the shipping separately from the order by this link.

If you shall have any questions or doubts about the delivery process, feel free to contact your delivery manager for more details.

Further information read in shipping policy.


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