MORNING SUNFLOWERS — PALETTE KNIFE Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov

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    Hand painted by Leonid Afremov
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    Palette Knife, Oil Paint, Canvas
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I would like to present my hand painted oil on canvas painting (recreation) of the artwork MORNING SUNFLOWERS. I made this piece with the same amount of soul and emotion just like the first original painting. This piece is created with oil paint on artistic canvas using my unique technique of a palette knife. The artwork has texture, you can feel the strokes by touching the painting. By purchasing on this site, you are buying directly from the artist  Leonid Afremov. I guarantee your satisfaction and the best customer experience.

The certificate of authenticity will include the name of the owner who purchased the piece of artwork. The certificate is signed by Leonid Afremov. If you buying this painting as a gift, please provide us the name of the gift recipient for the certificate. We can also ship to the address of the recipient of your gift.

about this painting:


The flowers of happiness

Sunflowers have a special meaning for Leonid Afremov. In his virtual gallery you can find quite a few paintings depicting these beautiful flowers. He considers them to be a symbol of gratitude and respect. This sunflower oil painting is implemented in light and soft colors with some dark spots:

·         Yellow with its all possible shades;

·         Warm orange;

·         Different tones of red;

·         Even the white color.  

Leonid Afremov has created it in his signature impasto technique using bright and colorful stokes of oil paints and a palette knife. The rough surface of the picture tells us about the artist’s feelings and an emotional outburst that he has reflected on the canvas. It seems to glow with colors and be filled with life. Yellow symbolizes joy, happiness, energy and freedom. Such a bright color of sunflowers on the canvas invites us to the world of illusions. When we look at this painting we want to find ourselves in a field full of these beautiful flowers, wander there, think of our life, find solutions to all our problems, and achieve peace and happiness. 

Special meaning of the painting

If we look closely at this piece we can imagine that the sunflowers painted by the artist resemble people. Red centers of the flowers are their heads, bright yellow petals are their hair, and the stems symbolize bodies. They seem as if they are attempting to escape the vase and reach for the sun. It’s very likely that Leonid Afremov has put a special meaning in this painting. In spite of all of the problems and sorrows, we must never give up on living, stay positive and be happy. We are given only one life and we should live it the way we won’t regret.  There always have been and always will be troubles and worries in everyone’s life; however, we need to learn to see good things that surround us as well.  Every human being is an independent particle of the world. If each person finds a little piece of happiness inside and we unite together- we will have a world full of joy and bright colors. We need to live like we are these sunflowers on Leonid Afremov’s canvas- we should try to reach the sky and achieve something better that we already have. Grow, bloom and radiate happiness! 

Still life in the interior

While choosing a painting for your home you need to pay attention to how it matches the style and the colors of the surrounding interior. Make sure it doesn’t stand out too much or overload the room. Still life is especially good for the kitchen, as they are closely connected. Besides awakening your appetite, it will bring a cozy and completed look to the kitchen.  It is better to hang a painting of a large size by itself on the wall. If you have several smaller pieces, place them together on one wall 20-30 cm away from each other. When you decide to organize them in a group, make sure they all have one style of painting and a similar color scheme. The same can be said about frames- they should be in harmony with each other and the interior. The place in the kitchen for the painting needs to chosen from a practical point of view. It can’t be hung above the cooking area as they can be easily damaged there from a high temperature, steam and splashes of grease. A good place for a canvas is above the dining table or on the opposite wall of the cooking area. One more aspect that needs to be mentioned is that any painting looks better on a solid wall, so that nothing distracts you from it. If the predominant colors of the artwork are close to the color scheme of the wall, a contrasting frame can solve this problem and help the painting will stand out. In picture framing shops you can find a great variety of frames that differ in sizes, shapes, colors, styles and materials they are made of. In order to choose the best frame, as we’ve already mentioned before, you need to consider the style and the color scheme not only of the painting, but the room in general. A water color picture, for instance, will look good in a steel or aluminum frame; however, an oil painting in a classical interior requires a massive wooden framing. Make sure it matches the furniture as well as the overall interior design.

If you want to organize a collection of art in your house, Leonid Afremov’s gallery is the perfect place. There will be no trouble matching his paintings with each other as almost all of them are created in one impasto technique. On the right side of the webpage you will see different categories you can choose from. Enjoy your wonderful journey through fantastic art of Leonid Afremov. 

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Wow ! The colour ia AMAZING, I love both pictures. I will buy more in future and tell my friends about them. They will buy them also, when they see how Amazing the paintings are !
blaine schuetzle, Aug 15, 2015
I received my painting this evening. I ordered The Rain Princess. I was really hoping it would look like the original but was prepared to be lenient due to the fact that the artist repaints it for you. (Which is pretty cool). However, I was very happy. I've been waiting to give it a prime spot on my wall and it looks so beautiful......autumn is my absolute favorite season and I love this painting.
Emily Fraser Thomson, Jun 9, 2015
Can not say enough about the customer service. It literally doesn't get any better. I absolutely love my painting. So much so, that I bought one for my brother.
caryn, Apr 19, 2017