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  • Size: 40"x30" (100cm x 75cm)
  • Signature: Signed on the front and back
  • Certification: Signed COA provided
  • Materials: Palette Knife, Oil Paint, Canvas
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Nude woman painting

We would like to present hand painted oil on canvas painting (recreation) of Afremov's artwork mentioned in the title. This art piece made with the same amount of soul and emotion just like the first original painting. The piece is created with oil paint on artistic canvas using Afremov's unique technique of a palette knife. The artwork has a lot of texture, you can feel the strokes by touching this painting. By purchasing on our site, you are buying directly from Leonid Afremov Studio. We guarantee your satisfaction and the best customer experience.

The artwork is signed on the back and on the front. The certificate of authenticity will include the name of the owner who purchased the piece of artwork. The certificate is signed by Leonid Afremov Studio. If you are buying this painting as a gift, please provide us the name of the gift recipient for the certificate. We can also ship to the address of the recipient of your gift.

about this painting:


The art of dreams

This piece is probably the most sensual you could ever find among Leonid Afremov’s paintings. The light is dim, the colors are warm and texture is softer than usual. The woman is lying on a bed, but we can’t tell if she is sleeping and dreaming, so is this maybe someone else’s dream? The subject of dreams and the process of dreaming have always fascinated people, and it is pretty entertaining to learn about it. Here are some interesting facts about dreams:

  • You can always check if you are dreaming by trying to read or tell time. The majority of people can’t read while dreaming, neither can they tell time. Just look at a clock, then look back at it again, and if it tells different time, you are definitely dreaming;
  • There is an interesting technique practiced by a lot of people, which is called lucid dreaming. You can control your dreams and do pretty much anything you want – fly, breathe under water, go to any place on Earth you’ve ever dreamed of going;
  • Approximately 10% of people don’t dream in color, they dream in black and white, and it has nothing to do with their ability to see in real life;
  • Blind people have dreams too – those ones who weren’t born blind, still see images in their dream, the ones who were, dream just like anyone else but they don’t see images. They can, for example, touch, hear and smell things in their dreams;
  • There are people so addicted to dreams they want to spend their whole lives sleeping and dreaming. They take a special drug for it, which has the same hormone our brain produces while we are sleeping;
  • In our dreams we only see the faces we’ve already seen in real life since our brain can’t just generate new faces. Imagine the dreams of a person who doesn’t have a TV or the Internet and has been living in a village with about ten people in it!;
  • Some people claim, that they never ever dream, but they are wrong. It’s been scientifically proven that all people do, some just don’t remember it;
  • Most of the dreams tend to be negative, surprisingly;
  • You’ve probably heard of sleepwalkers – people who don’t just sleep nicely in their beds, they move around and do things while still being asleep. This is a sleeping disorder that’s potentially very dangerous; it’s also quite rare;
  • There are lots of cases of premonition dreams, for example, victims of 9/11 had dreams about it, and passengers of Titanic had dreams about the catastrophe as well;
  • But dreaming isn’t always bad; some of the greatest inventions came to people while dreaming, like Mendeleev’s periodic table of elements, or Larry Page’s idea of Google. Both of those inventions we enjoy up until today.

No matter what the woman depicted on the painting dreamt of, whether if was a lucid dream or she was dreaming of a great invention, you can’t deny this painting is beautiful. It will sure be a great addition to your collection, or it can be the first amazing painting you buy.

Paintings of nude women

Art portraying nude women has probably been the most popular theme throughout the centuries. We can find art like that even before Ancient Greece art, which was focused on the beauty of naked male and female bodies. History has known many artists, who worked on naked women paintings, but Rembrandt did probably the most famous nude woman painting, and it’s called Danaë. It has been exhibited in Saint Petersburg Hermitage museum in Russia since the 18th century. What do we know about it? It shows a woman, Danaë, a Greek Mythological goddess. It’s only a matter of time until Zeus comes in a door, and she is patiently waiting for him. This painting was one of the Rembrandt’s most favorite; despite the fact that it’s enormously big (life-sized!) therefore it was hard to sell. There are lots of interesting facts about this painting. Rembrandt, for instance, used his wife as a model to paint Danaë, but later changed it, so looked like his mistress. This painting also has an almost tragic history. In the 20th century, a person (later claimed to be insane) vandalized it. He poured acid on it and cut using a knife. Most of the damage was done to Danaë’s face, head and one of her arms. Museum workers started the process of restoring the painting immediately. It took them 12 years to fully restore the painting and know only the experts can tell where exactly the damage was done. Thankfully, no damage was done to Leonid Afremov’s painting, and it’s also a unique piece of art, no one else has the same exact one. We recommend you to buy it and hang it in your bedroom, so it reflects the private atmosphere of the room.


Hand Painted by Artist Hand Painted by Artist
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