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Получили сегодня 4 замечательные работы, спасибо огромное за Ваш труд. В каждой работе столько тепла и доброты !

Sergii Lebediev (Bangkok (Thailand)) , Oct 21, 2019
Gorgeous Addition

Our lovely painting, Happy Sunflowers, just arrived last night. My husband and I are thrilled with how it looks in our home! The colors are so rich and gorgeous, and it completes our living room so beautifully. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to purchase a genuine Afremov painting--it really is exquisite. This will be an heirloom in my family for years. Thank you for giving me something to pass down through my family for generations!

Haley Riddell (Southgate, Michigan) , Oct 16, 2019
Just Beautiful!

I felt that I needed to leave a review after seeing a video posted on Facebook regarding complaints about recreations. I received my first Leonid Afremov painting within the last month, When Dreams Come True. It is beautiful! I completely understood when purchasing that it was a recreation, but was finished by Leonid himself and it is signed both front and back. While I do see minor differences from the original picture posted online, it’s still beautiful. It’s a recreation, of course it’s not going to be identical. Would I love to own an original? of course. But I bought what I could afford and love it. I’m happy knowing Leonid had a hand in finishing it and signed it and it comes with the COA. I have purchased 5 recreations in the last two months and I can’t wait to receive and display them all in my home.

Stephanie Walker (Utah) , Oct 14, 2019
Story telling in art form

Received "Farewell to Anger" today and its beautiful. The mood that it conveys is just amazing - a really peaceful night in the park. You can tell that the paint used are really high quality paint because the colors are so vibrant.

Monchito Hipolito (Philippines) , Oct 3, 2019
My first painting

Bought Sea Town. So vibrant and appealing. Love it. Years ago one of my friends showed me pictures of Mr. Afremov's paintings. Never thought I'd own one of his paintings. So worth it. God bless his family.

Sim Ben (ME) , Sep 27, 2019
Farewell to anger

I wanted to say I was sorry to hear of the passing of Leonid. I received my painting and I absolutely love it! It is a beautiful addition to my home and I will cherish it for years!

Heidi Williams (Belle Chasse, Louisiana) , Sep 23, 2019
Wonderful art

I have more than 20 paintings of Mr. Afremov, all of them full of beauty and color. I ordered most of them before he passed away. Every painting has its own feeling and all of them are amazing. His art will live forever. I was lucky to contact him by chat once. My condolences to Afremov family.

Elizabeth Ramirez-Cooremans (Mexico) , Sep 20, 2019
Already Missed

Your paintings live on! Thanks for giving this Record Label a canvas to showcase. Means the world to us.

1 Step Up Records (Miami, FL) , Sep 7, 2019
My favorite Artist!

I love his paintings! You can feel them when you breath, like a little bit of peace. Such a joy to behold. Thank you to his family for carrying on his legacy. God bless you! Thank you Leonid for the love you poured into your paintings! Wow, have you touched the world! Well done.

PAMULA HERRICK (Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania) , Aug 27, 2019

It's very sad to hear the passing of Mr. Afremov. He is such a wonderful artist with unique vision and skills to bring to us his view of the world: colorful, vibrant, bright and magical. I am lucky to already own 7 paintings by him, and tonight I am getting a few more, these paintings will be with me forever! May God bless Afremov family.

Diane Nelson (USA) , Aug 23, 2019
My SIncerest Wishes

I have just heard the sad news I wish all of Leonid's family my best wishes at his passing and wanted you all to know how much joy he has brought into my home I wish you well and thank you again for the beautiful and colourful paintings in my home

Sharon (Melbourne Australia) , Aug 21, 2019

Sorry to hear of your passing. My condolences to your family. Your spirit will live on forever with all the beautiful artwork you have created. Your use of color brings such joy to everyone who sees the paintings I purchased from you. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. RIP

lisa cigelske , Aug 21, 2019
Amazing paintings and amazing customer service

I have two paintings by Leonid, and they are absolutely gorgeous. It is such a great experience to own genuine oil paintings. Also, the customer service is amazing. There is no way any part of my interaction with Leonid's team could have been any better. Thank you so much!

Marcel C. (Europe) , Aug 8, 2019
An amazing artist!

I wanted to write this review for a long time. I purchased a painting from Mr. Afremov 3 months ago, I was really anxious about seeing it and finally, when that day arrived I wasn't disappointed. First of all, it was huge! I was expecting something really small but, it was a beautiful surprise. The colors... OMG. It looked even better than the photographs from the website. I had an extra petition for Mr. Afremov about a detail I wanted to change from the original painting. He agreed and the result was simply beautiful. Thank you for this amazing painting and thank you and your family for allowing us to follow your work online.

Irma Angelica Romero Delgado (Mexico City, Mexico) , Jul 27, 2019
Alley By The Lake

Thank you so much! This painting is simply beautiful, and brings joy to all who see's it!. Love your use of color. Thank you for sharing your skill!

Jacqueline Townsend (South Dakota) , Jul 6, 2019
Beyond beautiful, exquisite!

The art works are beyond beautiful, exquisite! even better than it appeared on the website…. please note that we are at our most sincere when we say that we are thankful for your generosity and are so happy with our paintings. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Sindy Oodit (Mauritius) , Jun 22, 2019

Today I receaved my first painting "before the birds start singing" and I cant be more excited! Is more beautiful than I thought and Im really pleased. Is my first painting but definitely not the last... Thank you!

Katherine Pizarro (Chile) , Jun 13, 2019
Melody of the night

It is so so sooo beautiful! Thank you very much! And it takes not even one week to get it. Perfect! :-)

Christina (Düsseldorf / GER) , Jun 13, 2019
Beyond Amazing

Hi, just received the paintings ,and The paintings are beyond amazing !!! Looking at these paintings really leaves me speechless and for sure will be the best part of my day!!

Maor Carmel , May 28, 2019
Beyond Amazing

Hi, just received the paintings ,and The paintings are beyond amazing !!! Looking at these paintings really leaves me speechless and for sure will be the best part of may day!!

Maor Carmel , May 28, 2019

Hi, i just received my painting and it is so amazing. I really love it.

Maritere (México) , May 16, 2019
Simply breathtaking

Today I received „When Dreams Come True“ and „Misty Café“, which are the first paintings I have ever ordered. I wanted to buy paintings from Leonid for a long time, so I was eagerly anticipating their arrival. And what is there to say? The paintings are simply breathtaking. Looking at pictures and having the real thing in front of you is such a difference. I am so happy I have been able to afford these beautiful paintings even as a student and certainly they won’t be the last ones. Thank you so much, Leonid. Your paintings are creating so much joy when you look at them.

Rebekka Helfrich (Germany) , Apr 1, 2019
She Left

Wow! I bought the painting, "She Left". It is so beautiful. The colors are outstanding. It brightens up the room and makes me happy when I look at it. I just sit and stare at the beauty and talent. I just ordered my 2nd painting!

Jessica Baker (Ohio) , Mar 25, 2019
Queen of Fire

A fantastic piece. Really classy and I love it.

STEVE O'GRADY (U.K) , Mar 8, 2019
Blue Sea and Lovely Sunset

You have a life long customer. I've always been a massive fan of Leonids artwork. Ever since I first laid eyes on his work, I knew I had to own a piece. He sent me two originals, Blue Sea and Lovely Sunset. They are just as beautiful as I expected! His work is so vibrant and has such unique character. I highly recommend to anyone interested in his artwork to buy a piece, exceeded my expectations.

Devin Aaron (Missouri, US) , Feb 27, 2019
Rain’s Rustle in the Park, love it, amazing!

I have just received my painting Rain’s Rustle in the Park and I absolutely love it!! Thank you Leonid for making my day! And I’m sure there will be many more happy days to come because your paintings make me smile. I’ll be ordering another now.

Therese Doyle (Kildare, Ireland) , Feb 21, 2019
Dance Under the Rain

Just received. Guys, if you are undecided whether to buy or not, I just tell you that what you will receive will deeply exceed your expectations. Colours, style... everyhing is simply amazing. Moreover, shipping was super fast (4 working days to arrive to Italy!!) and package was accurate.

Federico Faggioni (Como, Italy) , Feb 2, 2019
Morning Sun of January

Morning Sun of January. I bought this as a gift for my Fiancé. He is thrilled. Our 7year old son summed the painting up "the warmth, the colours... Its amazing"

Rachel Moore (East Sussex, UK) , Jan 23, 2019

I'll make this brief. My mom was a commercial artist. As I grew up through the 60's and 70's, hers was the only art I admired. Stripling/Cox, Sanger Harris and Dillards were her clients. From years past, To name a few. So I've always loved art. Been to the museums. Private viewings etc.. Never purchased an art piece from any one.. I stumbled upon Mr. Afremov by accident. And WOW!! At 55 years of age, I bought my first piece of art. I have never been so moved by anothers talent as I have his. His work speaks to me of yesteryear memories. I can get lost in his art. So so happy I found this mans site!! Thank you Mr. Afremov. My mom would have loved your work

Bobby Barbare (Texas) , Jan 22, 2019

I received Return of the Sun and I haven't stopped looking at it. It has caught the eye of all of my visitors and it is a beautiful burst of colour which brought my room to life. I cannot thank you enough.

STEVE O'GRADY (England) , Jan 17, 2019

I just received my first painting - “Misty Mood”. It is absolutely stunning! The colors are so vibrant. I have been following Mr. Afremov’s work for some time and am so glad I was able to purchase this beautiful work. Thank you!

Debbie Boultinghouse (Texas) , Jan 9, 2019
My first artwork

Simply amazing! I recently received Morning 1. It is the first work of art that i have bought and i love it. I sure intent to buy more artworks made by Mr. Afremov.

Tristan Brinkert (Olst, Netherlands) , Jan 9, 2019
Amazing art, thank you!

I cant thank the Afremov team enough for their professional operation and the amazing art that Mr Leonid produces. I have several already and I am sure will buy more in the future. They brighten up our day every time....

Fouad , Jan 2, 2019
Simply Gorgeous

Thank you Lenoid for the great painting I just received from you. It's exactly what was described, colorful and heartwarming. The Paris of My Dreams is a wonderful painting that I always wanted to remind my city I grew up. I will be ordering more. Thank you.

Marc J (Palm Springs, CA) , Dec 22, 2018
Venice Canal

We received the painting framed and ready to hang. It’s exactly what we wanted and are really pleased with it. The service and delivery was excellent. I am sure we will be back for more.

Joe McDonnell (England) , Dec 2, 2018

I purchased a couple of Leonid's painting. The most recent was Lucky Night. Absolutely breath-taking. Wow! Just beautiful.

Danielle (Florida) , Nov 13, 2018
Painting as piano solos

I recently move alone and start rebuilding my new home with oak furniture and not colorful decorations. So I decided to only have whites, ochre, black and some greens on my walls. I enjoy solitude, and I love the piano solos of George Winston ("Autumn", "December", "Winter into Spring", etc.) and Christian Lindquist (Solo Piano Dairy). But then I discover the excellent art of Afremov and I saw and listened piano solos coming from them. His lonely paths and empty benches are now part of me. I love them, my few friends love them, and I have no words to describe my gratitude to him.

Carlos Wotzkow (Lyss, Switzerland) , Oct 28, 2018

My family just bought 3 more paintings after getting our first today! It is beautiful. Absolutely amazing! We are awed by the quality and the excellent prices. We’re extremely excited to get more, and love our piece! Thank you!

Joanna (North Carolina) , Oct 19, 2018

Many Thanks To Leonid Afremov.Got a picture of "farewell to angel". My husband ordered for my birthday, it's my old dream. There is no limit to my admiration and delight. The painting decorated our bedroom. I'll order more for the living room and study.

Irina Derzhavina (Russia) , Oct 15, 2018
Beauiful work

I now have 7 paintings and love them all.

Steven Hughes (Glasgow, Kentucky) , Sep 17, 2018

I just receved my 3 paintings and hung them immediately! Leonid is GENIUS with his style and use of color! I was in the shower and every time my dog barked I jumped out and ran to the door not wanting to miss the delivery. This has been a exciting day for me! BRILLIANT! They came within 5 days after shipping and were packaged very securely. Such care was taken with the packaging, painting shipping. You can tell Leonid loves his craft. You won't be disappointed.

lynette Malone (Nashville) , Aug 13, 2018
Melody of the night

At first glance this painting reminded me of a song I had written a few years ago. When I saw the title was ‘Melody of the night’ I just knew I was meant to have it. It looks more amazing in reality and I’m sure it will inspire further songwriting in the future. Thank you Leonid Alfremov for gracing us all with beautiful inspiration.

Sharron Nicholle (Devon, Uk) , Aug 3, 2018

I love your paintings, you are my inspiration to create my own paintings, Your painting style so far is my favorite. I hope that soon I can buy you a painting. :)

Daniela Rueda (Bogotá, Colombia) , Jul 28, 2018
Excellent work

I bought an "Amsterdam Night Canal" for my girlfriend's birthday and we both are amazed by it. The delivery experience was quite slow as the painting took a couple of weeks to get to me, but the purchase was more than worth it nonetheless.

Emanuele Nappi (Naples, IT) , Jul 24, 2018

I could not pick only one painting and it took me over four months to make my selection as there are so many beautiful painting's to choose from. I have purchased seven paintings in total for our home and they arrived six months ago in perfect condition. I still look at them today as if they only just arrived and my excitement and love of your art is endless. You are amazing.... thank you

Sharie K (Melbourne Australia) , Jul 18, 2018

Il dipinto è arrivato in ottime condizioni. Assistenza ottima. Grazie!

ANTONIO PIETRO CATALANO (Italia) , Jul 15, 2018
Alley by the Lake

Breathtaking!! I fell in love with Mr. Afremov’s painting “Alley by the Lake” and I ordered it immediately! I just received it and it’s better than I ever imagined it would be!! Truly beautiful and breathtaking!!!! Thank you so much for your art!! Love it!!!

Vasiliki Kampas (San Pedro, CA) , Jun 9, 2018
Love your paintings

I have 4 paintings now, I've just bought 5th painting. you always give me miracle paintings. Thank you for all fantastic colorful painting pieces.

Donald Wu (Songkhla Thailand) , Jun 6, 2018
Siberion Tiger on the Snow

Just want to say my niece loved her graduation gift!! Now another niece wants a picture for a wedding gift! Thanks so much I have many in my home and love them all!!

Debby Parkes (Terrace BC Canada) , Jun 5, 2018

He adquirido mi quinta obra. Es una bendición para el alma contemplar su trabajo.

Salvador (Cd.de México) , May 25, 2018
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