TWO FRIENDS AND ROOSTER — PALETTE KNIFE Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov

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    40"x30" (100cm x 75cm)
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    Hand painted by Leonid Afremov
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    Palette Knife, Oil Paint, Canvas
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    United States
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I would like to present my hand painted oil on canvas painting (recreation) of the artwork TWO FRIENDS AND ROOSTER. I made this piece with the same amount of soul and emotion just like the first original painting. This piece is created with oil paint on artistic canvas using my unique technique of a palette knife. The artwork has texture, you can feel the strokes by touching the painting. By purchasing on this site, you are buying directly from the artist Leonid Afremov. I guarantee your satisfaction and the best customer experience. 

The certificate of authenticity will include the name of the owner who purchased the piece of artwork. The certificate is signed by Leonid Afremov. If you buying this painting as a gift, please provide us the name of the gift recipient for the certificate. We can also ship to the address of the recipient of your gift.

about this painting:


Countryside life

If you are looking for a painting of an animal for your room, you should pick one that tells a story. This one is not like any other animal painting – the rooster is not the only one in it, but it’s surely the first object that catches your eye when you look at the painting. The artist painted the rooster in a slightly different technique and colors – it’s bright and clear and that’s why it stands out. You see two friends here talking and walking somewhere; one of them is holding a rooster, but why? Did he just buy it? Or maybe he lost a bet and he is carrying it to his friend’s house?

Either way, all can agree that living in the countryside is great – it’s calm and peaceful, and you can relax and have fun at the same time. Rural life is great – and you don’t even have to own a house there. You can find a recreational countryside location next to you (unless you live in New York City, or any other big city, it’s probably not going to be close to you in that case). Search for countryside activities in your region – and get away for the weekend. Here’s what you can usually do while you’re there:

·         Visit a farm: go with your kids there and show them all the different kinds of animals that live there. Some centers let you feed the animals, or you can even learn how to milk them!;

·         Go berry picking: it’s a great activity to do, you can walk around, get some exercise, and you can make something with the berries you found right after you return (try a blueberry pie);

  • Bird watching is also a great thing to do: yes, you can do it in the city, but there are so many more kinds of birds in the countryside;
  • Set up a picnic – there’s nothing like fresh air and a quiet day by the river or in the field;
  • If you are more of an active kind – go camping! Pack your tents and go hiking;
  • Don’t forget about the greatest benefits of countryside living – fresh organic food. Some places let you harvest your own fruit and vegetables and take them home with you or make a salad and eat it right there;

If there’s a river or a lake at the location, you can experience the joy of fishing – and cook the fish you catch on the fire you start afterwards, right then and there!

There are lots of things you can do in the country, just look into it and free your next weekend for the family trip.

Palette knife oil paintings

The beautiful technique used in this painting (palette knife oil painting) seems very simple, but you need to try working with it multiple times before succeeding. We can help you with creating your own piece of art.

Start with the topic you want to depict: it can be something easy, like a house, or something abstract. You can choose your favorite painting and try to recreate it in the oil knife technique.

Once you’ve picked a theme, you need supplies: buy a palette knife (either plastic, wood or metal. You can start with the plastic one). You can buy multiple knives: different shapes and sizes are used to create different effects; don’t forget to buy all the colors of oil paints you need for your future masterpiece.

  • Mix the colors, but don’t add anything that might thin the paint, like solvent– you don’t want your painting to be runny, you want the oil to keep the shape;
  • Put oil on a knife and work it as if you were frosting a cake – twist and turn it to create the desired effect;
  • Don’t forget to wipe the blade off after one part is completed – you don’t want your forest to look blue after you finished painting your lake. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it’s not Photoshop, you can’t change anything;
  • Use the edge of a knife to create thin strokes, or to add texture to vast surfaces (like a grass field);
  • Use the tip of the blade to add small details, like flowers or stems;
  • If you are painting a landscape, it’s a good idea to use a small palette knife to create “sky holes” – the space between trees, where you can see the sky through the forest.

If you paint using this technique, you will have lots of fun, and we are sure you will love the finished product. You can try creating some rooster paintings, and try recreating the colors of the rooster portrayed on this exact artwork. You can look at other bright rooster paintings to help you come up with colors, or look for tutorials online, and you don’t need to go too far: there are a number of video lessons on how to paint using the palette knife technique. Get creative!


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I adore the art of Leonid Afremov . Fabulous use of colour. I have been looking for a piece of art for my new home and nothing but Afremov will do. Waiting for the day i have saved enough to purchase my first piece. I am sure it will not be my last
christine phillips, Jun 14, 2015
Rain's Rustle 2
I received my painting today and it is absolutely beautiful!!! I love it, and thank you for paying attention to the small details.
Ramona Jay, Apr 20, 2018
When I received my Oil Painting from Leonid It was more beautiful in person. I love it, I am so happy to own one of his pieces of work. He is an incredible artist !!!!
Kathy Walsh, Sep 29, 2016