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TROPICAL NIGHT - PALETTE KNIFE Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov

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  • Size: 40"x30" (100cm x 75cm)
  • Signature: Signed on the front and back
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tropical paintings

We would like to present hand painted oil on canvas painting (recreation) of Afremov's artwork mentioned in the title. This art piece made by Leonid Afremov Studio with the same amount of soul and emotion just like the first original painting. The piece is created with oil paint on artistic canvas using Afremov's unique technique of a palette knife. The artwork has a lot of texture, you can feel the strokes by touching this painting. By purchasing on our site, you are buying directly from Leonid Afremov Studio. We guarantee your satisfaction and the best customer experience.

The artwork is signed on the back and on the front. The certificate of authenticity will include the name of the owner who purchased the piece of artwork. The certificate is signed by Leonid Afremov Studio. If you are buying this painting as a gift, please provide us the name of the gift recipient for the certificate. We can also ship to the address of the recipient of your gift.

about this painting:


Breathtaking beauty

What can be more gorgeous and mysterious than a tropical night? When the light of the day fades off and hundreds of stars light up in the sky, when the warm waves of the sea whisper a gentle tune to your ears and lush palm leaves sway and rustle over your head, there is no place for worries. You just give in to this captivating harmony and enjoy the amazing view that opens before your eyes. There are not only the stars and the moon to fill the world with magical twinkling. City lights glow all around adding even more beauty to the scene. Living in Mexico, a land where summer never ends, Leonid Afremov knows exactly what tropical night is. He tried to share its charm and splendor in one of his tropical paintings.

Look at the scenery that unfolds in front of you:

-    A row of brightly colored houses lined up along the pier.

-    Tall palms growing next to them.

-    Sleepy boats swaying in the water.

-    The still surface of the sea where the whole town can be seen like in a mirror.

-    And of course the unfathomable sky that goes from gentle blue to inky dark, almost black.

When you see a view like this, you forget about everything. There isn’t a single thought in your head, just fascination. In a busy life like ours, it’s so important to have an outlet for our tension! This picture gives you a rare opportunity to relax, to take a break from stress and find a moment of peace in the circle of daily troubles. You can imagine yourself walking along that pier or maybe sitting with your bare feet in the water and watching the endless expanse of the sea that meets the night sky far on the horizon. Perhaps you will see the lights of a passing ships winking at you or maybe a falling star and make a wish… It’s up to you to fantasize about it. And every time you feel stressed or tired, you can return to this painting and delve into its sparkling beauty…

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The online gallery of Leonid Afremov is full of colorful and inspiring paintings like this! There are all kinds of genres and themes to find: vibrant rainy cityscapes, romantic sunsets and autumn parks covered with an enigmatic veil of mist. You can even find a couple of graceful portraits and delicate still lifes to decorate your apartment. Check out our website and you’ll definitely find a canvas that will fit in nicely with your interior!

Hand Painted by Artist Hand Painted by Artist
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