ANGEL OF LOVE — PALETTE KNIFE Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov

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    Signed on the front and back
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    COA signed by the artist
  • Size
    24"x30" (60cm x 75cm)
  • Medium
    Hand painted by Leonid Afremov
  • Materials
    Palette Knife, Oil Paint, Canvas
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    United States
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    Free worldwide
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We would like to present the hand painted recreation oil on canvas painting of the artwork mentioned in the title. This recreation was finished by Leonid Afremov himself with the help of his best studio artists to do pencil drawing and basic background. This painting comes signed by Leonid Afremov himself on the front and the back. It also comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Leonid Afremov himself. This recreation is made almost identical to the original image that you see online. The only difference is patterns and minor details that give the recreation and original feel.

This piece was created with the same amount of soul and emotion just like the first original painting. This piece was created with oil paint on artistic canvas using unique Afremov technique of a palette knife. The artwork has texture, you can feel the strokes by touching the painting. By purchasing on this site, you are buying directly from Leonid Afremov®. We guarantee your satisfaction and the best customer experience.

This recreation comes in a limited stock. Once the stock has finished, it will disappear from sale on the site and will never be offered again.

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about this painting:

The dancing angel of love

The language of dance

Dance is a peculiar form of art, consisting of various movements, combined in a definite sequence. But it is even more than that: it is a special language, where you express your emotions without words, using only non-verbal means of communication. They may include:

  • body language (gestures);
  • distance (intimate, personal, social and public);
  • eye contact (simple blinking means a lot);
  • paralanguage (like rhythm and intonation of speech);
  • haptic communication (touch).

You can dance in a club, but unsophisticated moves, repeated by the crowd, can’t make you a great dancer. There are numerous types of dancing, and if you master at least one of them, you may become a real angel of love, passion and grace on the dancefloor. But if your dancing skills are far from being perfect, you may enjoy the delicate dancers only on the TV screen, stage or canvas. A fancy painting of a dancing lady is a nice decoration for your apartment, for you may find here beauty, energy and immense freedom, inviting you to the world of enjoyment.

The angelic dance

This angel of love is not what we are used to, but you will be amazed by thedelicate depiction of this young lady, flying over the world of chaos. Her light skin is soft and tender, and her dark hair is caressed by the wind. The girl is naked, and you may observe her perfect breast with tiny nipples; it is rather small, opposed to the body trends, dictated by contemporary fashion. This woman is slim and slender, and her body seems to be perfect in all ways. Though this angel is obviously undressed, she is holding some kind of white skirt in her hands. The color of the material hints us about her purity and its opacity gives us the sense of legerity of our soul and weightlessness of freedom. The light character is opposed to the darkness everywhere around her, and she needs to illuminate the world with love and care. The lady resembles a ballet dancer, performing an exquisite pas by jumping in the air and releasing her inner force. You may observe this energy around her, those varicolored flames, arising from her feet. They are getting lighter while going up, just like a fire loses its saturation while burning. This perfectly balanced canvas reminds us about the eternal fight of good and evil, but this lady lets us know who will be the winner.

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I received the painting yesterday. My wife and I are delighted with it. We really love your style of painting and the wonderful colours you use. Hopefully we will get more from you in the future.
Brian, Oct 10, 2015
Gracias Sr. Afremov!! Sus pinturas me llenan de felicidad y puedo quedarme mirándolas horas y nunca me canso de hacerlo. Actualmente tengo cuatro y en cuanto pueda seguiré comprando porque usted tiene un don que me ha llegado a lo más profundo. Y sobre todo muchas gracias por poner su arte al alcance de gente corriente que no tiene los recursos para gastarse cantidades elevadas en arte.
Dear Mr. Afremov. Thank you very much, your work is wonderfull. It is so vibrant, so alive. It is a happeness just to look at it. I wish you many -many years of fruitful life. Best Regards , Soffi, Israel
Soffi Gindin, Sep 15, 2013