Here at we make sure to provide 100 percent clarity to our valued customers in regard to our business. Esteemed artist, Leonid Afremov had profound skill in both his creative work and marketing as well. In order to preserve the quality, authenticity, and delicacy of his work, Leonid Afremov and Afremov Studios have come together to create a patented trademark recognized in North America and China so all art lovers can easily recognize his work. The trademark that Leonid Afremov approved of contains his signature, but there are distinct differences between the Leonid Afremov trademark and his authentic original signature on each work of art. Every product we sell contains the Leonid Afremov trademark. This includes but is not limited to, paintings, books, houseware, clothing, etc. This does NOT mean it is a hand-crafted piece by Leonid himself—it can be produced by our talented team of artists and creatives at Afremov Studios. We recognize how much Leonid Afremov’s artwork is loved by many, and to maintain a professional level of business with our customers we issue a certificate of authenticity with each and every painting sold to a customer. Any recreation, copy, or print will contain a Leonid Afremov trademark, or the signature of the artist who produced it, and a certificate of authenticity signed by Afremov Studios. The original artwork produced by Leonid Afremov himself will have his signature on the front and back of the paintings, the date it was created, and a certificate of authenticity containing the signature of an official representative from our company. Any questions regarding the authenticity of an artwork can be discussed with his wife, Inessa Afremov only.

The recreations, prints, and giclee are beautiful home decorations, but we do not consider them as fine art, only one-of-a-kind original oil paintings hand-painted by Leonid Afremov, considered fine art , Leonid Afremov ® © TM, R

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