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Afremov paintings are stunningly beautiful!

Customer service is exceptional! The 8 Afremov paintings (4 were painted by Afremov himself) I purchased are breathtaking! I can't take my eyes off them as they are all mesmerizingly beautiful, colorful, mood booster indeed!

NANCY M. (Manila, Philippines) , Nov 23, 2020
Astounding painting

I received my painting today, and it is so vibrant...- it took my breath away! Ah, the studio has very gifted artists, and what I love most about them, you can communicate ahead of time, and customize your recreations (as some characteristic of the painting speak more to us than others)! Absolutely lovely people! Oh, and did I mention talented? yes! very very talented artists. Kind, and giving family- the painter left a very rich legacy! I have in my cart my next purchase.

Delia Mailho (Camano Island, WA) , Nov 23, 2020
Wailing Wall

I've been a big fan of Leonid Afremov's since high school. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to purchase two reproductions (one by the artist, the other by his studio). So far one has arrived (very quickly. the other is en route. David was kind enough to give me a head's up that the second needed a bit more time), and it's stunning

Catherine , Oct 15, 2020

Thanks ☺️

5485 Daniela Dinova , Oct 9, 2020
New found art for me

I have purchased 10 paintings from Afremov, 8 of which are paintings by Leonid himself! There are so many that touch past memories in my life. I don't claim to be an aficionado of fine art, but these paintings bring back many great memories. Thank you for giving those back to me!

PATRICK HIGHT (Texas, USA) , Oct 1, 2020
Service is on the same level as Leonid's paintings. Exceptional!

I recently ordered a Limited Original that came with a gift. To my surprise, it is a digital print of one of Leonid's paintings. I am gifting this to a young lady in art school, who has helped me stretch the canvases. She is a great admirer of these paintings, so she will love this gift! Thank you to the Afremov family.

PATRICK HIGHT (Texas, USA) , Oct 1, 2020

I bought 'Freshness in the cold of the evening' looks lovely on my wall, the colours really pop out

Greg Gliddon (Australia) , Sep 30, 2020

My heart was pounding when I unwrap the parcel. I fell in love when I look at the painting Awesome beautiful piece of art for my dinner hall I was smiling with happiness and joy! My soul was dancing Thank you !

Annie Yeap (Penang, Malaysia) , Sep 24, 2020
Spirits by the lake

Great colors, really stunning recreation. I love it!

Elena Maccaroni (Italy) , Sep 21, 2020

I Bougth one of your painting for a present to my mother, and now is really happy. Now she wants another one. It is amazing. I feel really happy. Now we are going to buy another one. Thaks a lot

JUAN SALAZAR (Manizales, Colombia) , Sep 18, 2020

Bought four of your paintings and they are amazing ! Can wait to buy more !

Taylor Griffith (Utah) , Sep 5, 2020
Surprise Original

I was excited to have the opportunity to own an original one of a kind Afremov painting. I ordered a surprise original painting where I could specify my preference for the painting theme and size. I was very excited to receive my painting and it was a seascape just what I asked for. The quality is amazing! You are very generous to be giving Afremov collectors an opportunity to own an original painting at an affordable price. I would love to get another painting if there is an opportunity in the future.

Cecilia (Australian Capital Territory) , Sep 3, 2020
Awe-inspiring paintings by one of the world's best artists!

Leonid Afremov is one of the greatest artists of all time! I've purchased both the 'Morning Sun Of January' and portrait of Jimi Hendrix. These are both mesmerising paintings! They resonate vibrance & beautiful colours which continue to inspire me daily. I wish to thank the team for the care of well packaged items and super fast delivery time to the UK. For anybody considering purchasing a Leonid Afremov painting definitely make the decision to do so - you won't regret it! Leonid Afremov was a true master of his craft producing breathtaking pieces of art!

Terence Skachill (Manchester, England) , Sep 2, 2020
Misty Mood

I wasn't sure what to expect as I knew it was a recreation. It was so hard to even decide which painting I wanted, so many with beautiful colors and they seem to bring about a happy feelings, hard to explain... Thankfully, I'm not disappointed in the recreation of Misty Mood. It lifts my mood to look at it and I decided to order 2 more paintings. Still so hard to choose. I only have so much wall space but I like how these paintings make me feel. Leonid Afremov had a special gift.

Sylvia Colasacco , Aug 31, 2020
Colorful Night - Stunning

This was a gift for my girlfriend who has loved Leonid's work for a long time, she's absolutely thrilled to finally have one of his pieces. The colours and execution are beautiful. Massive thank you to David for your help!

Lewis (United Kingdom) , Aug 30, 2020
Farewell to Anger

I just received my piece and I love it. There is much more orange than in what I saw online when I purchased it. The trees look more like it is autumn. Nowhere near as much blue, pink or green. Still, I've wanted an Afremov for a long time and absolutely love it. It was packaged well and received in excellent condition. I love it!

Mary Hennecke (Orlando, Florida) , Aug 28, 2020
Wonderful !

I received my painting " ETUDE IN RED NIGHT "several days ago. What can I say - it is wonderful paintings ! Wonderful and proffecional ! Very happy with the order and waiting for my next order coming soon

Emma Igelkjon (Norway) , Aug 28, 2020
Happy Sunfowers

I've just received my first painting- Happy Sunflowers! Amazing painting, so unreal, wonderful and these warm colors... I can't stop watching her! Piece of art!

Tsvetelina (Bulgaria) , Aug 25, 2020
Leonid- One of a Kind Artist!

I just received my Surprise Original Painting today and what a surprise indeed! I could not have been more pleasantly surprised to receive yet another beautiful original piece of art by Leonid Afremov. I received my first painting, “Wailing Wall” from Leonid in 2014, which I will treasure always. His use of colors and techniques flow across the canvas and bring the painting to life. The family’s passion for Leonids paintings is so evident as they give others the opportunity to buy his exquisite paintings. Their customer service is outstanding! I look forward to purchasing more paintings. Thank you, Afremov Family!

Sharon (Arizona) , Aug 20, 2020

We ordered two recreations. The paintings are amazing, we are so happy that we can have these beautiful paintings. Shipping was really fast, we got the paintings within 8-9 days from the other half of the world. Thank you so much.

Tímea Dr. Kulcsár (Hungary) , Aug 18, 2020

I ordered the Rainy Wedding for our 10 year anniversary. My husband and i resemble the couple in the painting which is why we ordered it. It is SO beautiful I cried. It brings a wonderful pop of color to the room. We’ve had several compliments. Absolutely beautiful!

Chanelle Granzoto (USA) , Aug 15, 2020
Amazing paintings, I'm impressed

Today I received two paintings: Rainy alley by the lake, and Hot sunrise. I recently discovered Afremov's art and I'm really impressed, it is beautiful. I wish I've known Afremov in Playa del Carmen, here in my country, but maybe in another life.

Julio Melendez (Mexico City, Mexico) , Aug 13, 2020
Sooo happy

Got my "Fall Marathon of Nature" last week, stretched it myself and just hung it on the wall. And I'm sooo happy... I didn't compare my recreation to the original, I don't care if it is not exactly like the original, it is just great the way it is. Thanks for this wonderful painting!

Doris Brand (Germany) , Aug 12, 2020
Amazing paintings and fast shipping

We ordered two original recreations, it was a dream of ours to have one of Leonid Afremov´s paintings and now we got two! Not only are they more amazing than we expected but also the shipping was very fast, considering it came from Mexico all the way to Portugal. We are so grateful for all the work from the studio in sending us these wonderful paintings. And we are so thankful to finally have two of Leonid Afremov´s paintings in our home.

Rita Rodrigues (Lisbon, Portugal) , Aug 12, 2020

It's quite good, no problem, but it isn't exactly like the original, just so you know. Not the way the man is drawn, not the colors, either. It's brighter and more... rough. Not as detailed and subtle as the original here. But it's fine, the originals cost 20 times more.

daniela (Canada) , Aug 1, 2020
Living Sunflowers

I purchased this on a whim and it’s actually one of my favorites, the warmth of the colors just kind of pulls you in. Such an amazing artist

stephanie cicero (Orlando) , Jul 27, 2020
Such amazing art

I am so in love with leonid Afremov’s work, he is an amazing artist, I am proud to own his work. And what awesome customer service. Thank you to David and Boris.

stephanie cicero (Orlando fl) , Jul 26, 2020
Amazing artwork

I ordered two paintings in late May 2020. It is during Covid-19 period but the customer service is magnificient. I received the first painting "City by the lake" and felt deeply in love with it. Thanks Afremov for such an amazing art piece. I fell so calm annd relaxed whenever I look into it. I am eager to have the second one which is on the way to me now. I just ordered two more paintings from the website and cannot wait to have them all on the wall of my new house.

Lien Duong (Perth, Australia) , Jul 24, 2020
Melody of the night

I immediately fell in love with this painting and later I read in the biography section that it was Afremov's favourite one. This great artist's style makes me feel deep emotions so I bought this painting and now I can feel such emotions every day by looking at it in the wall of my room. A special thank to Boris Afremov who showed high customer care level in fixing problems with customs!

Giuseppe Toscano (Catania, Italy) , Jul 21, 2020
Misty Mood 2

This was my first work of art I've bought, and I couldn't be happier! I had it framed for my center piece in my living room so I can stare at it when ever I like. Thank you Afremov studios for making my other wise bland wall into a site of amazement! Will definitely purchase another.

Devlan Morrison (Reno, NV) , Jun 29, 2020


First Time Buyer Of Leonid's Amazing Artwork!!!

I was on my Facebook page tonight and saw this Renowned Artist Leonid Afremov's Artwork for the first time and I was fascinated with his work...It has such color, such depth, such boldness, and such artistry...That I immediately clicked on it and spent the night in awe!!!! I ordered the painting CANDLE FIRE DANCE!!! I was so captivated by this painting!!! Which truly shows Leonid's talents transformed onto the canvas!!!! LOOKING FORWARD TO RECEIVING THIS PAINTING!!!! Thank you...Thank you...THANK YOU LEONID FOR LEAVING ALL THESE GIFTS TO THE WORLD....I WILL CHERISH IT!!! May you forever RIP...Wish I could have met you...But, I will capture your Spirit in every painting I get to be blessed with...Sincerely, Joelle Valente

Joelle Valente (Brooklyn, N.Y.) , Jun 7, 2020
Sem palavras

Recebi a minha pintura CITY BY THE LAKE hoje, estou muito feliz com a beleza da obra, não deixa em nada a desejar por mais alta que seja a expectativa, já faz um bom tempo que sigo e observo com imensa admiração as obras do Leonid e finalmente pude enfeitar minha parede com tao belo trabalho, obrigado Leonid por colorir minha casa e minha vida, com tao trabalho tão maravilhoso!!!

Warlei Costa (Florida) , May 28, 2020

I stumbled across the opportunity to purchase a reproduction by Leonid’s studio and I have to admit I am very impressed by the painting. It arrived well packed and in perfect condition and I am struck by the vibrant autumnal colours and the evocative image. I cannot wait to get this framed and up on display for those quiet moments where you can lose yourself in the detail. Wonderful. Time to save for an original!!

David Campbell (Edinburgh, Scotland) , May 27, 2020
Loneliness of Autumn

Just got this today. So impressive! Loved it. Thank you. Planning to purchase some more.

gay izquierdo (Canada) , Apr 17, 2020

We bought "Farewell to Anger" in the super large size (120 x 180 cm) and gave it a very prominent place in our livingroom. Even without any special lighting, it catches everybody's attention straight away and people just keep saying one thing: WOW, amazingly beautiful! If we had a bigger house, we would probably have an Afremov-painting in every room :-) They are amazing eyecatchers.

Jessica Schäcker (Netherlands) , Feb 29, 2020

Hoy justo para el día del amor, he recibido mi pintura LOVELY SWEETNESS, no puedo estar más maravillada con esta hermosura, es preciosa, perfecta, sencible y dulce. Gracias por el talento de ustedes que tendré en mi hogar... ahora estoy encargando mi segunda pintura Romeo y Julieta, aguardo las horas para verla y disfrutar ese encanto colgado en los muros de mi habitación. Abrazos y gracias nuevamente, sus pinturas son INCREIBLES !

Cynthia Lazcano (Santiago, Chile) , Feb 14, 2020

After moving into a new home, my wife and I were searching for a painting or piece of art for above our fireplace. Nothing was appealing to us after many hours of searching online and fine art stores. Then, we found “The Story of the Umbrella” by Afremov! Instantly we knew that was what we needed! The process was quick, but made us nervous with anticipation! When we unpacked the piece, beauty and perfection had arrived to our home! Thank you to the entire Afremov team for gracing us with a piece of your talent, passion, and beauty! R and T

Richard Fields (Ohio) , Feb 12, 2020
Makes our walls come alive.

We enjoy seeing the artwork on our walls every day. We recently had a need for additional service. They were fantastic.

Andrew Strum (Pennsylvania) , Feb 1, 2020
Melody of the Night

Just received this beautiful recreation hand painted by Leonid and we are very very pleased. It was shipped fast, packing was great and the painting is so beautiful, more than we expected and we expected a lot! Boris was exceptional in helping us as well as Natalie from the studio, they went over and above customer service, having lots of patience with these newcomers to the artistry of Leonid Afremov. We ordered 2 recreations and one original and I know it won’t be the last! Thanks again for the awesome customer service!

Yvonne Vansledright (Michigan) , Jan 14, 2020
Breathtaking Art from a true artist

While online I came across Mr. Afremovs art work called "Dreaming Rain". I searched everywhere for the painting and found this website. I was so excited to know that I would be recieveing an original! I couldn't be happier with my painting and I receive so many comments on the beauty of his work. Thank you so much Mr. Afremov for brighting up my life with your amazing talent.

Kristina Bradley (Los Angeles, CA) , Dec 7, 2019
Colorful Night

My painting Colorful Night just arrived today. Beautiful. Worth the wait. Need to decide where it will live. Looking forward to my other two being delivered.

DEBRA CLARK , Nov 27, 2019

I really love It. I ordered "rain's rustle in the park" as a gift for my boyfriend's birthday. He was enthusiastic to receive It! We both always loved Afremov's work and we're so sad this wonderful artist is no longer with us. The only sad thing is that the canvas didn't arrive in time for the birthday, maybe because of the clearance event but also because It has been shipped on november 4 (ordered october 12). So, if you order from other countries, be aware the shipping could take longer than you think. By the way, they always reply to your emails, so don't worry! Now let's talk about the painting...well, It's breathtaking! Wonderful, warm, vibrant colours but also a sense of real melancholy we can feel from the bench on the foreground. I'm very happy I bought It for the person I love and I recommend these paintings to everybody. Thank you all Ambra

Ambra De Santis (Italy) , Nov 15, 2019
My Preciousssss...

Like they say, too much beauty at once is dangerous...I got Evening Street and my fiancé got Anticipation for Happiness for me. From the moment I unwrapped the paintings, I've been staring at it constantly to the point that people are joking that I'm actually praying to the canvas. Which is in a way true. These paintings are so so so beautiful that I can sit and look at them all day. Each stroke of paint is so precious, so meticulously painted. As an artist myself, I have always adored Leonid's work and grew up literally idolising him. These paintings will be my most precious possession now. Thanks to the Afremov family and the wonderful team for the timely delivery

Susmita Bose (Kolkata, India) , Nov 12, 2019

This company is great they always seem to have something new to choose from. Leonid Afremov art work is amazing. You really know what your getting directly from the company. He sons are the most honest people you will ever encounter. I will translate. Zhèxiēē huàzuò bìngfēi yóu liè áng ní dé·ā fū léi mò fū (Leonid Afremov) wánchéng. Tāmen shì yóu xuéshēng wánchéng de, wǒ shōu dào de yìshù pǐn kàn qǐlái wánquán bù xiàng tāmen wǎngzhàn shàng de túpiàn. Zàixiàn chákàn pínglùn wǒ zhāngtiēle tāmen gěi wǒ de zhàopiàn. Wǒ yě yǐ yīngyǔ fābù, yīncǐ tāmen bù huì shānchú wǒ de tuījiàn shū. Zài cóng zhèlǐ gòumǎi zhīqián, qǐng xiān jìnxíng yánjiū. Xiāngxìn wǎngshàng liú xià de chà píng.

Shanon (Hong Kong) , Nov 8, 2019
Love My Painting!

I just received my painting "Musical Cats" today and I love it!!! The colors are bright and beautiful and the cats are so cute playing their instruments!! Thank you for the opportunity to purchase these beautiful paintings created by your father, Leonid Afremov! I will cherish it forever!!

Gene Kewan , Nov 8, 2019
Stunning! Incredibly Beautiftul!

Wow. Ordered COUPLE UNDER ONE UMBRELLA artisanal wrapped/mounted and it is amazing and beyond my high expectations. Perfectly painted and mounted and shipped. Be sure to have Afremov do the artisanal wrap and ship - so pleased! Thank You. Our kids will thank you too when passed down!!!

David Elhard (Minneapolis, MN, USA) , Nov 6, 2019
Hold in hand

Dear Afremov's Family! I got the much expected painting! Thank you very much for your care during the order!!!! It was absolutely correct! It's a wonderful feeling to be one of the owners!!! Although it will be hanging on the wall next month, in its well-deserved place, I already know that I will cry for pleasure!!! Millions of thanks to the family!!!

Szilvia Hajós (Budapest (Hungary)) , Nov 6, 2019

magnificent art!

Jodie Gisinger (lawton, ok) , Oct 29, 2019
Freshness of cold in the evening

The shipping was perfect, it took less than 30 days. The painting was perfect & I couldnt be happier. Thank to the staff!

Anna Lisa (Rome) , Oct 21, 2019
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