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KLEIZMER CATS - Paint By Numbers Full Kit

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KLEIZMER CATS - Paint by Numbers Full Kit

Klezmer Cats by Leonid Afremov is a captivating painting that likely portrays a lively and spirited scene of cats playing traditional Klezmer music. Through bold brushstrokes and a vibrant color palette, Afremov captures the energetic and dynamic atmosphere of the feline musicians. The painting may feature elements such as cats playing various musical instruments associated with Klezmer music, such as violins, clarinets, accordions, or drums, with each cat exuding its own unique personality and style. The scene is likely imbued with a sense of joy and celebration, evoking feelings of happiness and delight as the cats come together to create lively and uplifting music. Klezmer Cats invites viewers to immerse themselves in the whimsical and charming world of this musical feline ensemble, evoking a sense of playfulness and enjoyment as they witness the delightful antics of the Klezmer cats. Please note: The mentioned size is only an estimate. You must choose between standard sizes or larger sizes. The artwork will be stretched to fit the original width and height proportions of the painting. Meticulously divided and numbered, the canvas acts as a helpful guide for enthusiasts to recreate the vibrant scene step by step.

Included in the kit are high-quality acrylic paints and brushes, curated for both novice and experienced artists, ensuring a delightful and engaging painting experience.

Whether pursued for personal artistic expression or given as a thoughtful gift, this kit invites individuals to bask in the radiant world of sunflowers, allowing them to infuse Afremov's creation with vivid colors and meticulous attention to detail, bringing the KLEIZMER CATS - Paint by Numbers Full Kit to life in their own unique interpretation.

Please note: The mentioned size is only an estimate. You must choose between standard sizes or larger sizes. The artwork will be stretched to fit the original width and height proportions of the painting.

The Ideal Gift:

  • Suitable for all ages and interests,
  • Paint by Numbers combines creativity and relaxation.
  • Perfect for making special occasions truly memorable.

Relaxing and Delightful

  • Enjoy hours of relaxation and creative expression as you paint.
  • Helps reduce stress and unwind after a long day.
  • Suitable for all ages, making it a fantastic family activity that brings joy and satisfaction.

No Artistic Skills Needed:

  • Designed for beginners and experienced artists alike.
  • Each kit includes easy-to-follow instructions and numbered paints.
  • Achieve professional-looking results without any prior painting experience.



  1. Choose Your Color: Match the number on the paint pot with the corresponding number on the canvas.

  2. Paint Away: Utilize the user-friendly acrylic-based paints to create vibrant, stunning artwork effortlessly.

  3. Revel in Accomplishment: Experience the indescribable sense of achievement that comes from completing your masterpiece.


Each package comes complete with a lined canvas, a line drawing, a set of mixed paints, 3 brushes, and, if chosen, a DIY frame or already framed .


Canvas Size: various
Difficulty Level: Medium


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Hand Painted by Artist
100% of Satisfaction Guarantee
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100% Premium Canvas

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Catalog ID 22001857


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