Romantic And Love Paintings By Leonid Afremov

Love paintings as well as romantic paintings by Leonid Afremov will show you the most authentic feelings that the two loving people can have towards each other. Do not forget that all the paintings can be delivered to you absolutely free!

Romantic and Love paintings

Love is everywhere

Romantic art is characterized by the allocation of sublime themes, which are the main for this style in any creative activities. Sensuality is expressed in any possible and acceptable ways, and this is the most important feature of this movement.

The other main features of this movement are the following:

  • romantic notes explicitly expressed in the art;
  • fabulous and mythological notes, even in completely non-fabulous plots;
  • philosophical reflections on the meaning of human life;
  • deepening in the subject of personal development.


It can be said that the notes of cultivating nature and the naturalness of human being and natural sensuality are peculiar to romanticism. The unity of man with nature is also glorified. Namely this we find in the paintings by Leonid Afremov. Mostly the paintings show park scenes. It seems that a better place for privacy is simply not to be found. Here, lovers can talk in private and feel a unique oneness with nature, sounds that are literally created so that people can show their most sincere feelings towards each other.

Colors of love

Love paintings by Leonid Afremov are striking in their bright colors and convey the most authentic feelings. They once again prove the known axiom that love all ages yield surrender. In these canvases you will find love in all its manifestations. But they show not only romantic feelings but also real passion. You will certainly feel it through the canvases. And those paints with the help of which Leonid Afremov depicted his paintings will make your hearts beat even stronger. Speaking of colors it should be mentioned that since the pictures mainly show autumn, we find the colors corresponding to this time of the year – yellow, orange, red burgundy, golden green. For Leonid Afremov autumn is an excellent reason to use as many paints as possible, even such unusual ones for this season as blue and dark blue. With the help of them the artist reveals the most sincere emotions and feelings of lovers.

Feel the love with the love paintings and romantic paintings of Leonid Afremov and enjoy the amazing colors!


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I feel very lucky for having your artwork in my living room. Looking forward to buy a new one, Greetings. Me siento muy afortunado por tener una obra decarte suya aquì en el salòn de mi casa. Esperando poder comprar la pròxima cuanto antes, Saludos. Mi sento molto fortunato per aver una vostra opera d'arte nel soggiorno di casa mia. In attesa di comprarne un'altra, Saluti.
Leo, Nov 12, 2013
I never would consider buying artwork through the Internet, but took a chance on "After the Show". It was a giclee and is beyond beautiful. I am now redoing my home and purchasing "City by the Lake" and browsing the entire site for upcoming gifts. If you are on the fence take the leap ... You will not be disappointed.
Diana, Aug 1, 2014
I adore the art of Leonid Afremov . Fabulous use of colour. I have been looking for a piece of art for my new home and nothing but Afremov will do. Waiting for the day i have saved enough to purchase my first piece. I am sure it will not be my last
christine phillips, Jun 14, 2015