LONG NIGHT — PALETTE KNIFE Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov

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    40"x54" (100cm x 135cm)
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    Hand painted by Leonid Afremov
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    Palette Knife, Oil Paint, Canvas
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    United States
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I would like to present my hand painted oil on canvas painting (recreation) of the artwork LONG NIGHT. I made this piece with the same amount of soul and emotion just like the first original painting. This piece is created with oil paint on artistic canvas using my unique technique of a palette knife. The artwork has texture, you can feel the strokes by touching the painting. By purchasing on this site, you are buying directly from the artist Leonid Afremov. I guarantee your satisfaction and the best customer experience. 

The certificate of authenticity will include the name of the owner who purchased the piece of artwork. The certificate is signed by Leonid Afremov. If you buying this painting as a gift, please provide us the name of the gift recipient for the certificate. We can also ship to the address of the recipient of your gift.

about this painting:



Thousands of years ago, when humans used to be as weak and powerless as any other animal living in the wilderness, they had a great fear of darkness. It was so mysterious and unknown, and seemed to have some special power over them, making them feel tiny in the face of nature.

The discovery of fire, which happened so suddenly, changed their lives. According to one legend, the lightening hit a tree during a storm. Ancient people saw this dreadful event and thought that the gods are angry with them, and decided to destroy the planet. However, the lightening also hit an animal. One of our ancestors felt a pleasant smell coming from the carcass. He tasted it and for some reason it was the most delicious meal he had ever had in his life.

From now on, humans tried to keep the fire safe. They took a burning branch and brought it to their cave. Every night someone had to be a custodian and put new branches and leaves to retain the fire. Not only did they cook better meals but also the fire kept them warm during nights. Wild animals were now afraid to approach them. That’s how the man started to obtain his power over the world.


Nowadays humans is the most powerful species on the planet, and who knows, maybe in the whole universe? We have

  • art and science,
  • fashion and culture;

we’ve built enormous buildings and sent people into space. Nobody is afraid of darkness anymore.

However, night still attracts our attention. It’s the only time when you can hear the silence in the city, especially if you live in a big city. It’s also the best time to create, party and make love, which are considered by the majority of people to be the best things ever.

‘Long Night’ is a beautiful impressionist style night painting by Leonid Afremov. Here you can see a city street, probably, somewhere in the center, since it’s heavily illuminated and many people are walking by trying to get back home.

The artist tried to create an impression of a wet alley just after a light spring rain. Thanks to a special technique, the colors look like they are transforming one into another naturally, without any effort.

The atmosphere on the canvas is not scary at all. On the contrary, like any other canvas by Leonid Afremov, it’s extremely cozy and inviting.

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I seen one of Leonid's paintings and wondered who the artist is. I asked and once I found his site, I bought one of Paris paintings. I have received nothing but compliments on it since I hung in my home. Brilliant artist.
Marie, Aug 8, 2014
I received the painting "Cafe in the Old City ". Its Beautiful.. the vivid colors..but just perfect for the scene.. its actually breath taking.. I love the captivating, intense emotions that your paintings catch..I have not been able to take my eyes off the painting. I bought it as a birthday gift for my husband, and he was gaping at it like it was something from an other world. We are really looking forward to purchasing some other works.. like "Realm Of Deer" and "bouquet for sweetheart". We are really a huge fan of your work..
Tanu, Sep 22, 2014
I've just received two of your paintings (Farewell to Anger & The Loneliness of Autumn) as a birthday gift from my wonderful husband. This is the absolute best gift I've ever received. Your art is my favorite art of all time. I even have a board of your paintings on Pinterest. In fact, my Facebook cover and profile pictures are your beautiful artwork. Thank you for all the incredible work that you do.
Negin Anvar, Mar 19, 2014