LONELY SEA 3 - Original Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov - 20"X24" — Original Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov

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    Hand painted by Leonid Afremov
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    Palette Knife, Oil Paint, Canvas
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Title:  LONELY SEA 3 by Leonid Afremov

Size: 20"Wide x 24"High  (50cm x 60cm)  

Condition: Excellent Brand New

Gallery Estimated Value: $5,500

Medium: 100% hand painted oil painiting on Canvas by Leonid Afremov  -One of Kind Orignal Painting

Signed by Leonid Afremov, Certificate of Authenticity provided.

The certificate of authenticity will include the name of the owner who purchased the piece of artwork. The certificate is signed by Leonid Afremov. If you buying this painting as a gift, please provide us the name of the gift recipient for the certificate. We can also ship to the address of the recipient of your gift.

This painting is not available for any promotion, coupon or discount offered on afremov.com 

about this painting:


One more boundary

A modern art canvas for sale can be of any quality, for there are good as well as bad painters in the world. However, buying Leonid Afremov’s works, one can be sure that the painting will feature the refined style of the master who turns any canvas of his into a true masterpiece. This painting is no exception. Leonid Afremov likes boundaries and transitional moments, for these moments enable us to see the limits of our existence and simultaneously feel that something is dying at the very moment when something else is being born. This marvellous seascape embodies such a moment – the moment of the sun dying and the night coming to the world, with the sea longing for the union with the sky and still never being able to touch it.

The divided twins

The author of this modern art painting seems to represent the sky and the sea as twins that will never meet. Looking at the sky depicted on the canvas, we can observe some kind of waves furrowing its surface, which makes it resemble the surface of the sea. And these waves are not the only thing the twins have in common, for the blue and yellowish-red colours are also shared between these two elements. The sun is still visible on the surface of the sky, but soon it will fall into the warm salt water, whereon several ships are resting, with their masts raising upwards, so high that they seem to be touching the burning clouds, unable to cover the drooping sun, and thus connecting the sea with the sky. Alas, the connection is just an illusion, and we know that we will forever hear the hopeless sound of the lonely waves breaking on the seashore, the sound in which we can discern the yearning for the sky.

If you feel lonely

  • Do not be afraid of loneliness, this feeling can help you appreciate more positive emotions.

  • Try writing a book or painting something. There is a certain creative power in loneliness.

  • Buy this painting by Leonid Afremov and see how beautiful and impressive loneliness can be sometimes.

If you are looking for a modern art canvas that is both beautiful and useful, this artwork by Leonid Afremov will satisfy you with its exquisite style and philosophical meaning. 

painting the town red

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I recently purchased and received one of Leonid’s original oil paintings (Spring Emotions). The painting exactly matched the photograph that Leonid had displayed on his online store, down to every last brush stroke. It is absolutely breathtaking and I can’t thank Leonid enough for selling me this masterpiece! The customer service from his sons David and Boris was excellent; they spent considerable time with me on their online chat facility before I bought the painting and made extra effort to make me feel at ease when the delivery of the painting was delayed by an extra week due to drying issues (the original had only just been painted the week before). Living in the UK and with Leonid and his family based in the US / Mexico, it can be a slightly nerve wracking experience taking a leap of faith and buying online, without actually seeing the painting in front of you. Based on my experience, I can whole-heartedly recommend buying from afremov.com. I hope my testimonial encourages a few more people to buy from this wonderful artist! My special thanks to Leonid and his sons. Nick (Reading, United Kingdom).
Nicholas Jones, Mar 26, 2017
I just received "Misty Melody" and was blown away. It is gorgeous! There is an enchanting quality, depth and mystery. The colors are amazing. Every time I look at it, I notice more beauty and detail. I was also delighted with the second painting - a wonderful surprise! This was my first purchase - but not my last. Many thanks!
Megan, Jun 23, 2016
Acabó de recibir mi pintura "spirits by tha lake" y debo decir que es bastante bella, pero no he quedado muy conforme, no se parece demasiado a la original el juego de colores por lo que amo el arte de afremov, no se logra percibir en esta oportunidad, pareciera haber sido hecho a la rápida y eso me dejó algo decepcionado, siento ser un contrario, no quiero desanimar a nadie, afremov es un artista impresionante y sus cuadros son hermosos, seguro a todos les ha tocado una experiencia espectacular con sus compras, pero yo debo decir que el mío al verlo no me deslumbró como el original de hecho me decepcionó bastante.
Sebastian, Sep 18, 2016