Dipinti di Germania di Leonid Afremov

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Today arrived first order and am so pleased with it. It did took long but it was in the timeframe expected. I am also pleased by the discount/coupon system. Without it I will not be able to buy. Keep up the fine work and many thanks.
Cristian Goian, mag 3, 2017
After moving into a new home, my wife and I were searching for a painting or piece of art for above our fireplace. Nothing was appealing to us after many hours of searching online and fine art stores. Then, we found “The Story of the Umbrella” by Afremov! Instantly we knew that was what we needed! The process was quick, but made us nervous with anticipation! When we unpacked the piece, beauty and perfection had arrived to our home! Thank you to the entire Afremov team for gracing us with a piece of your talent, passion, and beauty! R and T
Richard Fields, feb 12, 2020
We just received 3 additional masterpieces, growing our collection to 20--with 2 more still on the way. Leonid's art and the impact it has on your mood and the atmosphere in your house are just amazing! Every wall adorned with Leonid's beauties literally radiates light and vibrancy, drawing you in. We donated everything we've owned to liberate wall space for our new collection. Once you have a single painting you want more because everything else looks drab and boring in comparison. There is magic and incredible multi-dimensionality in these paintings. Every time you look, something new, different and amazing emerges. It's like a Russian nesting doll:an image within an image, within an image. Might be just imagination, but it's a truly inspiring effect. Thank you Leonid for the beauty of your art. Thanks to the entire team for amazing customer service.
Ilana Kass, lug 31, 2014