Hello, I am Leonid Afremov. I think that you were lucky enough to have looked through my site where you can buy the cheap artworks online and you already have your favorite paintings – City by the Lake, Rainy Wedding or any other. It remains only to decide where to hang these classy works. Let me give you some tips, which will help you to create a real decorative wall in your house or flat. The decoration of the walls is the basis on which the further design of the whole house will be built. And surely to choose the best wall painting, we should consider the style of the interior, and one of the favorite designers’ decoration tools are paintings. How do you choose a painting? I think that first of all based on your personal preferences. Am I right? I don’t want to offend you in any way and you don’t have to use my advice at all, but it seems to me that as a creative person it is easier for me to understand which painting fits better for one or another interior. Now I will focus in more detail on the paintings for living room. Why do we buy paintings in general? Because we want to create our individual interior in the living room and for many of us paintings are very often an effective thing as for this purpose. Naturally I fully advocate them. This method of decoration is time-tested, and modern art solutions make it possible to decorate the room so that it will be in full harmony with the overall style.  Another reason why I decided to give the tips is the affordability of the contemporary art. In the old days not everyone could afford such an attribute as paintings for interior decoration, primarily because of its very high cost. As a rule, it was the privilege of wealthy gentlemen. But the growth of well being has changed the situation dramatically. Today with the huge number of artworks, everyone has the opportunity to choose and hang a cheap wall painting in the living room or wherever he wants. It can be also an awesome photo collage, an interesting poster but painting is something special, something that will emphasize your taste better that any other decoration. 

painting for living room, paintings for living room

Living room is the first place that comes to our minds when choosing the location of the painting. This is so because the living room is a place where we meet friends, arrange family evenings and holidays. Therefore, this room is perfect for decorative art. Your guests will definitely pay attention to them. 

Once you decided to use a painting as a decor, then it is best to plan in advance the place for it and drill the holes for the dowels in order not to spoil your beautiful wall. When choosing a good wall painting for the living room first of all the following parameters should be taken into consideration:

  1. Your own aesthetic perception. 
  2. The size of the room. 
  3. Parameters of the wall and garniture.
  4. Decor items in the other rooms.
  5. Color solution of the space. 
  6. The style of the interior. 

With the first point, everything is simple: just rely on your own perception when choosing a painting, because the painting is intended to reflect your inner world.

The dimensions of the room and the parameters of the wall – this is what you should pay attention to when choosing the size of your simple wall painting. If the square of your room doesn’t exceed 10 square meters a big wall painting is definitely not for you. 

It is also important to pay attention to the color scheme of the whole space. When it comes to pastel shades usually there are the three primary colors in your interior and you need to rely on them when choosing an easy wall canvas. But my paintings are definitely not the case. In them you will find so many colors that it will be quite difficult to choose the color of the walls for them. But it seems to me that in any case they should not be very bright. Many bright colors in the room is not good either. The design and genre of canvas should match the style of the interior of the entire room. For example, a framed landscape would look silly in a small loft-style apartment. 

Pay due attention to the design and technique of painting. Please note that most of my canvases are made in one technique using best oil paints and a palette knife. This technique implies that the background of the painting is made in the form of multi-colored brush strokes. So try to make sure that the background of the picture does not merge with the pattern of your wallpaper. It seems to me that the best solution will be to make the background of the wall monochrome. So it will create a certain harmony of colors –the paints will always look fresh and will not be lost against the background of the wall. These colorful and stylish canvases, for example Melody of the Night and Rain’s Rustle in the Park, will reflect your individuality and enliven the whole interior.

Now I want to say a few more words about sizes.  Once again it is worth noting that when choosing a frame, it is necessary to rely on the dimensions of the room as a whole and on the parameters of the wall in particular. Some of my paintings are tall. For example, such large size painting as Venice Grand Canal or Loneliness of Autumn (75x100 cm). But if you need some individual parameters there are a number of solution. You can use a frame, for example, which can be ordered in a framing workshop. 


Color can influence a person on a mental level; it certainly must be taken into account when choosing nice paintings for living room. It will not be superfluous to take into account the emotional load borne by the primary colors. Let’s name some of them:

  1. Red means strength, energy (very often positive energy), excessive arousal, fire, passion. This color is able to tire you with its energy; therefore, it is undesirable to use it in large quantities. 
  2. Orange means happiness, prosperity, concentration, benevolence. It stimulates workflow, however tires when used excessively.
  3. Yellow is one of the warmest colors. It breathes with friendliness, communication and optimism. Color is positive in all respects. It is able to improve mood and well-being. 
  4. Green is a color of balance, calm, concentration. It helps to solve problems, relieves arousal and stress. 
  5. Blue and dark blue bears peace, tranquility, and relaxation. In large quantities it is able to make you feel depressed. So be careful with this color.
  6. Violet is very dynamic and changeable. In large quantities, it creates a feeling of loneliness as black and white colors. 

If you’re a big fan of abstract art, however in my collection you can hardly find such works, you should know that to create the best abstract wall that will perfectly combine with the living room you’d better choose a beige palette, with ocher and yellow shades in which the cushions on the couch and the chair can be painted.

In order to choose the color scheme of the canvas you should make three steps: 

  1. Take the three primary colors of the interior of your space as a basis and rely on them. But it is not necessary that these colors be dominant on the canvas, it is enough that they highlight interesting plot details. The colors of these details will overlap with other decor items and create a feeling of completeness. 
  2. If the interior is monochrome, then the painting will serve as a bright accent, and then you are free to choose any color solution, because in this case the canvas aims to attract attention and dilute the monochrome of the room. This rule also applies to white interiors. In this case bright floral paintings or other bright paintings are the best choice. For example Dance under the Rain.
  3. Bright and self-contained spaces do not require additional accents, and then painting must be dissolved in the existing interior, for this it is important to observe the color scheme of the entire room.

It can be so that the painting itself dictates the rules for decorating the whole space, its energy is so strong. For example, if you choose a colorful painting – in my collection there is a great variety of them –

It will be better if your walls are also painted in bright colors or bright wallpaper should be used. But you can also find paintings with some dark colors among my works, though it will definitely contain many bright colors and shades as well. For example, Misty Mood. 

But not only the color of the canvas must be taken into account when choosing an elegant painting, it is also necessary that it harmoniously fits into the style of the available space.  Such parameters as light and shades are also should be taken into consideration. For example, practical furniture made of natural wood implies monochrome white or gray with bright accents. You can find such paintings in my collection. Also different posters, photographs and panels will be also suitable for this style. Eclectic style is a set of similar in spirit styles, usually two or three. Eclecticism provides an opportunity to show individuality, and therefore does not require strict adherence to the rules when choosing a decor, including painting. Provence is a provincial French style, named after a city located in the south of France, and imbued with its seascapes. The style is characterized by light colors, aged furniture, a ceiling decorated with wooden beams. Provence loves flowers, country or seascapes. And again you can easily find such paintings in my collection. Perhaps high-tech style is one of those styles for which my paintings won’t be fit because it incorporates the advantages of modern technology and therefore features the most functional and built-in furniture, usually dissolved in a common range of wall art. Art objects, also paintings with a geometric plot and abstractions will be appropriate here. Pop art implies shiny glossy surfaces, bright colors in the decoration of the walls, the predominance of furniture made of plastic. You can decorate such an interior with posters with images of comic books and famous personalities or a graphic panel or try to find the most appropriate ones in my collection. But paintings are a good choice as well. Eastern interior reflects the traditions and life of the Eastern people. For this style you’d better choose a painting depicting animals and nature, religious subjects, canvases, reflecting life or ornaments. In my collection there are many nature including animal paintings.

And then one more question – where to place a painting? The following recommendations will help to the right place for the painting: 

  1. Consider the size of the room, in particular the wall: if its size is small, choose medium-sized canvases.
  2. If your long wall is completely empty, then one large modern or even extra large canvas will work well that will attract attention.
  3. Low ceiling will increase the vertical stretched canvas. For example, Loneliness of Autumn.
  4. The narrow room will visually expand the lined up paintings of medium or small size.
  5. The optimal height to hang the canvas is 152 cm from the floor, but in the living room it is better to lower the height a bit in order to admire the canvas while sitting. 
  6. Canvases with landscapes or subject images, portraits will organically fit into the living room. The kitchen is a perfect place for still lifes, images of flower, natural landscapes and animals. 

Well, I really hope that my advice will help you choose the cool picture, the unique one for your living room that will delight you with its true colors for many years.