Dear Friends,

We write to you today as a family united in grief with the most sad news. On August 19th 2019 Leonid Afremov has passed away in the general hospital of Playa Del Carmen. He has suffered a cardiac arrest during a routine check up in his home by his treating cardiologist. He preformed CPR on him before the arrival of the ambulance . Despite all the efforts of the doctors the hospital , Leonid was not able to recover. He was survived by his wife, 2 sons and 4 grandchildren.

The same day in the afternoon he was buried in a quiet tradicional Jewish ceremony in the municipal cemetery of Playa Del Carmen. The family now is doing all the post burial Jewish traditions. Leonid was a great artists, husband , father and grandfather. He dedicated all his life to art and his family. He painted from early childhood until his last day. His last works were recreations and custom orders. The day before he died he said “ I finished all the pending orders I had last week, now its time for me to rest for a few days and relax. “

Leonid was a very simple and humble person. He did not like big parties, he did not like luxury things, he never wore jewelry or watch, and he did not like to show off . He rather wanted to share his art with the world and make it accessible to general working class people. He never wanted to sell his paintings only to the rich for thousands of dollars. His vision was that every single house in the world could have a piece of his soul through his art .

Leonid Afremov maybe passed but his art is eternal and will live forever. He has definitely has put his mark in art history and development. He has served as inspiration for thousands of young people who followed his footsteps during his life. The Afremov family is going to do everything they can to keep his legacy alive. We going to keep the website and all the social media accounts going , even his private facebook.

All the recreations that we did not have in stock were removed from sale. The website has paintings listed only that are in the possession of the family and partners. once the painting is sold out , it will be removed from the website and never listed again. All pending orders before Leonid’s passing were created and will be fulfilled as normal. The shipping office is open and operational and will remain this way. We decided not to increase the prices for now. Leonid would have not want that. Prints , posters and giclees will also be offered on the site from now on. If any recent order could not be fulfilled, we will contact you with alternative options .

During the past 15 years , he had trained a group of profesional artists for his studio to paint just like him in his style. At first they were only allowed to paint backgrounds and pencil drawings. Leonid himself was finishing all the detailed work. But in recent years he had trained them to finish recreations completely for practice. Such recreations were never offered for sale , the artists usually kept them for themselves. But Leonid was so happy with their work, he was planning on releasing studio recreations to the public on September 1st. Its was his last project before passing.

We are going to keep his studio working. All the artists that were employed by Leonid Afremov have retained their Job. Just like Leonid wanted , on September 1st, we are going to release studio recreations and artists to the public and make them available for sell. Leonid would have wanted us to do it. The studio will maintain his legacy and vision. All the artists working in the studio are professionals with college studies in arts. Leonid was sharing his artistic secrets only with the worthy just like Yoda did with his Jedi apprentices.

We were all very touched by his passing. Leonid Afremov was really a great man . He was a true inspiration to thousands of people. His memory and legacy will be kept alive forever . We will keep sharing his art with the world and we promise to do so as long as we are here .

Thank you very much for love of Leonid Afremov and his art. Thank you very much for your kind support . May god be with us all.

Best Regards,
The Afremov Family