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Online Lessons by Leonid Afremov This is a series of 8 video lessons. Here you can see a sample/first lesson The Lessons are applied as trial and error. You try to repeat the painting from the video, then Leonid Afremov sends you the comments and what to improve. After Leonid Afremov is happy with the results , he gives you the next painting to try. As soon as you complete the payment for the lessons, He will send you all the needed information about the equipment and work place. Leonid Afremov dedicates one day a week of his schedule for just Video Lessons only. All the comments are sent on Tuesday of each week.

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Seascape video lesson 1 hour video lesson of Leonid Afremov painting a Autumn Landscape in download form
  • Today price: $25.00
night landscape video lesson1 1 hour video lesson of Leonid Afremov painting a night Landscape in download form (The Light of Magic)
  • Today price: $25.00
night landscape video lesson 2 1 hour video lesson of Leonid Afremov painting a night Landscape in download form (Friends Forever)
  • Today price: $25.00
I've just received KISS UNDER THE RAIN. It's absolutely gorgeous and the offer was more than generous! Thank you for the beauty you share with the world!
Rossitsa Petrova, mar 11, 2015
I never thought of myself as an art patron.but leonid's art in my opinion is in a class all by itself.absolutely worth every penny.received "when dreams come true".immediately i was blown away(not to mention all the compliments i get) Just bought my second my friend have a patron for life p.s. normally i wouldn't even spare the time for a review
jason knutson, nov 4, 2016
Just opened the painting and WOW!!!! Didn't know it was possible but it is even more beautiful than the picture! Your talent is truly beyond words! Thank you for bringing such beauty to our home through your artwork. This is only the beginning of what we hope will be an expansive collection. Definitely buying one for my mother in law for her birthday. She loves the color in your leaves. Thank you!!!
DeAnna, feb 27, 2014