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Online Lessons by Leonid Afremov This is a series of 8 video lessons. Here you can see a sample/first lesson The Lessons are applied as trial and error. You try to repeat the painting from the video, then Leonid Afremov sends you the comments and what to improve. After Leonid Afremov is happy with the results , he gives you the next painting to try. As soon as you complete the payment for the lessons, He will send you all the needed information about the equipment and work place. Leonid Afremov dedicates one day a week of his schedule for just Video Lessons only. All the comments are sent on Tuesday of each week.

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Seascape video lesson 1 hour video lesson of Leonid Afremov painting a Autumn Landscape in download form
  • Today price: $25.00
night landscape video lesson1 1 hour video lesson of Leonid Afremov painting a night Landscape in download form (The Light of Magic)
  • Today price: $25.00
night landscape video lesson 2 1 hour video lesson of Leonid Afremov painting a night Landscape in download form (Friends Forever)
  • Today price: $25.00
Hello everybody My brother Ali just come to received the Painting (emotional Day), as I'm away, I just text him about the package coming from Afremov, he googled him and he didn't believe, I will quote what he said ( Inbelievable Its so beautiful he said I spend time standing just enjoy it and i was under the beautiful magic. he add I checked the details closely, he said Fouzi you are only allowed to feel great and its beautiful artistic value. Now Im waiting to return back to enjoy it Thank you Thank you I was sure that it will be magnificient as I have faith on your talent Leonid.
Fouzi Felemban, mar 1, 2017
I am not an art critic, just someone who loves art. At first glance I was amazed by Mr Afremov's work. It was the layers of color that moved me. Then I read his biography and truly appreciated the emotional connection to his pieces. His work is so beautiful that I want to fill my house with his paintings. Thank you Mr Afremov for your beautiful creations! I am honored and excited to share your work with my two beautiful boys. Bless you and your family!
Carrie Campen, may 31, 2017
I've just recently purchased my second original painting. I am now the proud owner of Melody of the Night and Paris of my Dreams. I absolutely love them both. Just this morning, I was standing in my kitchen and was able to look out and see them both. It brought a huge smile to my face to think that I actually own two paintings from a man that has inspired me for years. Thank you so very much!
Nicole Auger, oct 27, 2016